The peace deal co-signed by the Taliban that supports the Al Qaeda terrorists is not part of the agreement with the United States.

Said peace-deal was considered unexpected considering the nature of the Taliban organization in Afghanistan, and having the Taliban support the outlawed Al Qaeda that has been responsible for many suicide attacks on many occasions. Also, these are terrorists who have no qualms attacking military or civilian targets, reported Fox News

More officials are worried about this development, like Tolo, the governor of Helmand, Yasin Khan who is concerned about the increased activity of the terrorists in the Durand Line with Pakistan. Another is that more insurgents are active along the border of Afghanistan and Iran. The province of Helmand is where clashes between U.S. and Afghan troops were frequent. Recently, the Taliban has made it their stronghold.

According to the governor, the Taliban is not willing to lessen the number of troops that are added by Al Qaeda and foreign fighters. He also said that several officials are aware that the Al Qaeda is operating in the Doho district in Helmand and until Herat. There are fears that the terrorist is now active in a larger area than thought.

Khan punctuated that already the terrorists are foisting their ominous presence in the Bahramcha region of Disho district. Their activities are extending to the Herat province where they are giving training and support to the Taliban, which includes materials.

Reports by the Afghan military say that the Taliban has switched strategies and is getting supplies from abroad to make mines and other weaponry to terrorize the Kabul government and civilians.

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Despite this, the American government is keen on staying with the agreement with the Taliban, signed in February. They agreed with the reduction of the American Troops, as Afghanistan is having escalated violence. The country is the site of many deaths caused by terrorism, and it does not help with intent by other terrorists to kick out the American troops.

In 2019, about 8,500 terrorist attacks were recorded worldwide, with the deaths of 20,300 in these attacks. There are 5,460 known terrorists with 14,840 as victims that came from the Maryland University and Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START).

The data point out that in 2018, an escalation of 2% from 2018 to 2019 is the number of attacks by terrorists. But it should be noted that the Taliban has increased the number of civilians and non-combatants registered at 9%. All the increased deaths caused by the bloodthirsty Taliban have ignored the civilians caught in the crossfire.

Ironically as the Taliban is negotiating with the American government, the country has terrorist activities that were 21% in-country during 2019. All the terrorist activities occurring were nothing compared to the civilian and the attackers, Taliban and their terrorist partners at caused mayhem at 41%.

Even if the Taliban sent emissaries to foster peace, they have been consistent at attacking the current Afghan leadership. But the action of the Taliban that supports Al Qaeda terrorists is not the act of seeking reconciliation. As a tripartite agreement between the U.S., the Kabul government and Taliban continue with more people killed.

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