In a recently unsealed deposition linked to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, one of Epstein's alleged victims detailed the psychological effect of the abuse and the role that Ghislaine Maxwell played in the whole

The said deposition was made by Virginia Giuffre back on May 3, 2016. According to her previous testimonies, Giuffre stated that she was recruited by Maxwell to join the purported sex trafficking ring owned by Epstein. She also added that she was a teenager at that time and Epstein's former girlfriend instructed her to engage in sexual intercourse with several men, including Prince Andrew.

According to CNN, in the said deposition, attorney's pressed Giuffre to reveal the names of other men that Maxwell told her to have sex with. Aside from Prince Andrew, several individuals were named by the attorney during the deposition, including someone who was described as "another prince," a "large hotel chain owner," and Bill Richardson who was a former governor of New Mexico.

However, Giuffre expressed frustration about the questions and said that she has already given everything that she knew about Epstein's alleged sex trafficking ring. She also stated that it was very hard for her to once again recall what has happened, saying that there was a large number of people that she was sent to and she cannot remember all of them.

Maxwell and her attorney have previously described Giuffre as unreliable during the court filings. Maxwell's party stated that there are errors and inconsistencies in the figures and dates that she provided in her testimonies.

Meanwhile, Giuffre also acknowledged the fact that there was money involved when the photo of her and Prince Andrew have been published to a number of media outlets.

Both Richardson and Prince Andrew denied the allegations of their said involvement with Maxwell and Epstein.

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Furthermore, Giuffre claimed in the deposition that she was aboard a helicopter which Maxwell herself piloted going to a private Caribbean Island owned by Epstein many times. In addition, she also acknowledged the fact that she told reporter Sharon Churcher in 2011 that Maxwell had previously claimed flying former President Bill Clinton to the same island.

In her statement, she said that Maxwell herself told her that she flew the former president, but also added a disclaimer that Maxwell is prone to take about stuff that sometimes sounds fantastical. She also stated that she felt that the reporter got some of her story wrong but she did not correct it at the time. Moreover, she described how she wondered about the possible reason why the former president is on the island while she is and that she also discussed it with Epstein.

Aside from the deposition, documents showing email correspondence between an email address that appeared to be owned by Epstein and Maxwell dated back in 2015. The emails contained conversations where Epstein complained about the negative attention drawn towards him after being charged with soliciting a prostitute back in 2007, NPR reported.

Both the deposition and email correspondence were part of the unsealed documents from the defamation lawsuit that Giuffre filed against Maxwell in 2015.

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