After a somber reunion with Kanye West on Monday, the Kim Kardashian came back home to L.A. on Tuesday.

The 39-year-old star of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" arrived home alone. On photos released by the TMZ, Kim Kardashian was spotted after her plane landed. According to the outlet, West was staying in Cody, Wyoming, at his ranch where he has been living and recording his music.

As seen in a video published by The Daily Mail, Kardashian was wearing a white sweatshirt partnered with sweatpants, and her hair is tightly bunned as she left the plane and moved towards her SUV that was waiting to pick her up.

According to a source, the time spent by Kim with Kanye was brief but really needed and added that Kim wanted to go alone because the actress felt that it was necessary for them to have their time without outside influences. And now that Kim is back in L.A. she will be focusing on her work, her kids, and getting her husband on the right track.

Kim Kardashian's return to L.A. came a day after she had a tearful meeting with her husband. The couple was spotted having an emotional conversation on Monday at the back of their SUV.

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According to the statement of a source, on Monday Kim flew to Wyoming to visit Kanye after weeks of trying to communicate with him and made him agree to see her, saying that the meeting between the couple was very emotional as the two have several things to work through at the moment and most importantly assuring that Kanye is healthy and in good condition.

The source added through Kim is still dismayed with her husband, she knew that she needed to focus on him getting better, saying that Kim was willing to do whatever she can to provide Kanye with the help he needed.

The reunion of the couple was marked as the first time they have seen each other after West made a chaotic presidential rally debut in South Carolina and his succeeding Twitter storm of the deleted comments about his wife and the Kardashian family.

It came a day after West has apologized to his wife through a tweet saying that he regretted publicizing matters which should have been kept in private.

On Saturday, the rapper tweeted, apologizing to his wife, Kim Kardashian West, for posting private matters, adding that he failed to cover his wife as she did for him. West also asked for Kim's forgiveness, admitting that he hurt her and thanking Kim for always being there for him, ET Online reported.

On Saturday, West was spotted in a hospital near his ranch. He stayed for about 10 minutes and came back to his home, with an ambulance showing up to his property after a short while.

Reportedly, West was feeling anxious that he decided to go to the hospital. On a statement by a source, when West arrived in the hospital, he decided to be checked at his ranch that is why an ambulance showed up to his property. His vital signs were checked and were found to be normal, after which he felt better.

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