Reality star Kris Jenner is finally back on social media amid the drama involving her son-in-law, rapper Kanye West. West has branded her "Kris Jong-Un" and even said she's a white supremacist.

Staying silent

However, the 64-year-old Jenner has not talked about Kanye nor has she responded to the rapper's accusations. Jenner ignored it and instead posted a short clip on her Instagram account. She showed off the beignets that she received.

Jenner has been quiet on social media since Kanye has made headlines for his rant on Twitter earlier this week. West is also in the spotlight for his bizarre speech during his presidential campaign rally in South Carolina, as reported by The DailyMail.

Kim Kardashian then took to Instagram on July 22 to say that she is powerless over the situation and called West brilliant but complicated.

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The 39-year-old reality star said that West's words do not align with his intentions sometimes. It was after the rapper said that he has been trying to divorce Kim since 2018.

The divorce was fueled by Kim meeting up with rapper Meek Mill at a hotel to discuss prison reform. This then sparked cheating allegations, in which Mill and Kim denied.

Kim's plea

On July 22, Kim shared her sentiments on a three-page story on Instagram. She said that those that understand mental illness know that the family is powerless.

Kim told her followers that she understands why Kanye is being criticized because he is a public figure and that his actions can cause strong emotions and opinions from the public. She added that she thinks Kanye is brilliant but he is complicated, and that West is pressured because he is an artist and a black man who had to deal with isolation and the loss of his mother.

Kim added that those who are closed with the rapper knows his heart and understand his words and that his words do not align with his actions sometimes.

On July 21, West claimed that Kim and Kris Jenner had tried to have him hospitalized as they flew in two doctors. This is after they were concerned about his well-being after his entry into the 2020 presidential race that he announced on Twitter.

A source told TMZ that the Kardashians do not know what to do because Kanye does not want to get any help. The rapper has now deleted all of his tweets except for one in which he signed them off as coming from the "future president" of the United States.

Kim then added to her Instagram stories that Kanye has bipolar disorder and that anyone who has encountered someone who is bipolar knows how complicated and painful the illness is to understand.

The reality star added that she never spoke publicly about how West's illness has affected them at home because she is protective of their children and her husband's right to privacy when it comes to his mental health. She said she is now commenting on it because of the misconceptions about mental health.

Kim remains surprisingly calm and understanding after Kanye accused her of cheating and after he publicly said he wanted to divorce her. The two have been reported to be living separately.

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