A man who killed ex-girlfriend in Cape Coral is given life imprisonment.

The courts sentenced Kyle Patrick Orr, 32, to a lifetime in incarceration last Tuesday. He was charged with killing 30-year-old Jessica Landor, by stabbing.

On June 16, 2019, on a Father's Day, the Cape Coral police got a 911 call that sent them to apartments in South Cape Coral, reported Wink.

When interviewed, the CCPD said that a call came with a muffled sound on the 911 emergency line. In the background, a woman was screaming loud, and a man shouted stop. Soon after the line got cut, it was busy when attempts to call back was tried. The officers got to the address and discovered a broken key in the door, with more keys scattered outside the ground near the residence's door.

The victim was found with 16 stabs all over her body and a terrible cut on her neck. But, she expired before the police or EMTs can do anything to save her.

A neighbor near the apartment then called the attention of the cops, saying Orr ran out with a knife in hand. But the police found the shocked Orr behind the bushes armed with the blade. He sustained cuts when Landor fought back, according to him.

The couple went steady after they meet via a dating app, though it did not last long as she ended their dating before she got murdered.

On March 10, during a court hearing, the accused plead to no contest, which resulted in him not going to trial. Prosecutors in the case asked for life imprisonment after a verdict of guilty. Orr was sentenced at one -count of second-degree murder, cited Fox 4.

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Before the deadly attack, the police were informed that he has attacked before her brutal murder.

According to the acquaintance and friend of the deceased, who worked with her at the Salon in Del Prado for at least five years, Landor and Orr arranged a meeting via the app. Her co-worker was dissuading meeting men through a dating up.

“Use it as an opportunity to check this person up online. Do some background checks on this person. Find out if they have an arrest record for domestic violence,” adviced mental health counselor Abbe Finn, according to Wink News.

Finn also added sayin, "The perpetrator is going to be absolutely charming. They’re going to suck this person into their world and make them doubt what they see is reality.”

It was most likely that Orr was charming and engaging, which attracted the victim initially.

Some of them will draw in the woman until they do not see what is right in front of them even if the charming person has streaks of violence.

More information about the case revealed that he choked her and tied her close to him. The victim did not report any of these incidents to the police nor placed charges.

After dating for some time, Orr started being violent and physically abused her, but she was kept in place, until she was eventually murdered. 

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