On Friday, Dr Anthony Fauci considered United States President Donald Trump's decision to cancel his Republican National Convention which was scheduled to be held in Jacksonville, Florida next month as being a good decision.

Getting on the same page

Fauci told reporters that he shared similar sentiments with several White House officials that congregating in large crowds is risky. The medical expert said he believed their viewpoints might have influenced Trump and several of his colleagues.

According to Fox News, Fauci was also glad that the US president has recently decided to start wearing a mask, after continuous criticisms that it hampered respiratory functions. Trump has even begun to encourage citizens to wear facial coverings when going out and socializing.

Trump noted his reasons for cancelling his Jacksonville convention during an exclusive interview with "Hannity" that was conducted on Thursday during which the president cited the massive surge of positive cases and stated he wanted to set an example for all Americans.

During the interview, the US president stated his desire for people to avoid large gatherings and to wear masks to protect themselves and others around them.

On Thursday, Trump announced the cancellation of the convention during a press briefing at the White House saying that it was not the right time to hold the event.

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Fauci said that the country was seeing the change within Trump's views and noted that the president is adjusting the reality of the coronavirus pandemic and is acting accordingly. He also said Trump's most recent actions and statements send a positive example for the country to follow.

In a Twitter post, the Republican Party of Florida wrote that Trump made the selfless decision of cancelling his Jacksonville convention.

Gaining trust

Gaining the trust of millions of Americans, Fauci has been giving frank and straightforward remarks about the government's responses to the coronavirus pandemic, as reported by the Time.

The 79-year-old medical expert is well past the point of worrying about his next job. Since the beginning of the global crisis, Fauci has been a strict critic of the American government and honest of the coronavirus' threat to the nation and the world.

Several polls have shown that people find Fauci to be twice as trustworthy as Trump whose current re-election in November looks uncertain at best.

Despite the massive support the medical expert has gotten, he revealed on Friday that he and his family have been receiving hate mail and serious threats from angry people over his stark remarks on the pandemic and advises that he has given to the citizens.

According to CNBC, Fauci said during a podcast with David Axelrod, a CNN commentator, that there have been several people furious thinking he was interfering with their lives by pushing his public health agenda. He added the hate mail was not simple bashing but included serious threats that could escalate into something much worse.

After the massive number of threats, some of which were targeted on his wife and daughters, Fauci and his family have been given a security detail to ensure their safety. The medical expert wondered if it was the kind of citizens that America was made of.

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