ORLANDO, FL - After more than four-month pause, the Los Angeles Clippers and Orlando Magic set the season restart as the teams played the first of the four scheduled NBA scrimmages at the bubble.

The reigning Sixth Man of the Year, Lou Williams observed the game at the bench, but despite the normal in-game chants, the franchise's digital signages on the LED, and the familiar voice of their home game announcer, still it was an odd sight for the Clipper to have no fans in the arena.

Instead of taking the unusual atmosphere negatively, the veteran guard shared that he used the silence to be more focused and locked into the game, and it went well for him.

The feeling is mutual for the Orlando star, Aaron Gordon as he shared that since it is quiet, so you have to bring your own energy.

Gordon also added that vibe is like a summer-league-type, and emphasized that you need to bring your own energy.

Despite their missing supporting casts, their primary guard defender Patrick Beverly and Landry Shamet and bigs like Montrezl Harrell and Ivica Zubac, the Clippers were able to pull up the bubble's first W, but it is not counted yet as it is part of the league's trial run of a basketball game, ESPN reported.

Clippers' coach Doc Rivers felt also unusual but because he did not need to raise his voice and stand up while calling out their plays.

Rivers jokingly said that at the end of the game's bubble, most likely he will have a better voice.

Both teams started sloppy plays, obviously trying to get their groove back after months of just individual workouts, but after minutes of tugging, they finally got their rhythm and Williams finished the game with 22 points to get the win while Nikola Vicesc tallied 18 points and 10 rebounds for the Orlando Magic.

The 'Black Lives Matter' logo placed at the court delighted the players especially Williams who initially wants the league to have a stand against the ongoing social injustice.

On the 2nd day of the scrimmages, bigger names appeared on the court and made their bubble debut.

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Still Bold in Purple and Gold

NBA fans and especially Lakers fans were excited to see the King LeBron James in uniform, but they were not expecting his appearance, for the first time this season, the Lakers star played on the court with prominent patches on his beard with some considering that LeBron now and embraces his age.

The 35-year old veteran only played the first half of their game, scoring 12 points, five assists, and three rebounds in just 15 minutes, reported CBS Sports.

Mr. Spotlight

Aside from starring on John Wick 3, Boban Marjanovic also took the spotlight in their game against the Lakers as the 7-foot-4 fan favorite showed his dominance with 17 points, 13 rebounds, two blocks, and drilled a nothing-but-net 3-pointer with no hesitation.

Another Curry in the Bubble

Since there is no appearance for Steph in the bubble, Seth Curry took the stage and set it on fire as he finished the game with 6-6 shooting beyond the Arc

Almost a Freak out

An expected outcome for the Bucks as they outplayed the spurs dominantly but an unexpected game for the Greek Freek Giannis Antetokounmpo as picked up five first-half fouls in just 12 minutes. But the Freak manages to finish the game and not to pick up another foul in the second half, securing the W.

NBA scrimmage scores for Thursday, July 23

Indiana Pacers 91 - Portland Trail Blazers 88

Phoenix Suns 101 - Utah Jazz 88

Milwaukee Bucks 113 - San Antonio Spurs 92

Dallas Mavericks 108 - Los Angeles Lakers 104

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