Since they entered the NBA bubble in Orlando "The King" LeBron James continuously hears the same questions about their status inside and now he has one answer for all of those.

James shared that it is 2020, and nothing in normal in 2020.

But what is normal in the NBA restart in a few weeks is him and his team, the Los Angeles Lakers who will be competing for the championship as he appeared in eight consecutive NBA finals from 2011 to 2018 and just missed it last year and for his team who has won 16 titles under their franchise.

For the league, everything that happened this year has been the most abnormal. NBA's commissioner emeritus, David Stern died. The league's former third-leading scorer of All-time, Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash the next day after James took over his spot on January 25. And now it is the first time that the NBA suspended the season because of an ongoing pandemic as James and his team along with 21 teams found themselves at Walt Disney World, isolated, as they try to salvage the season and to have a champion, Fox News reported.

The death of the former Lakers' star Bryant with his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and seven others on January 26 was hard for James as he did not just lose a close rival, but a close friend who is like a brother for him.

In an interview, James emphasized that there is no time that they do not think about him, his daughter Gigi, and his wife Vanessa and their daughters as they part of the Lakers' family.

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The new Lakers coach, Frank Vogel has seen the playoff-LeBron three times in his coaching career but definitely liking the results of those experiences. The former Indiana Pacers coach Vogel had his best seasons in Indiana, but all of those were trashed by the James-led Miami Heat in the playoffs in the East.

But this time, Vogel definitely wants to see monstrous performances from James as he is on his side now and he feels great about it.

Vogel was amazed when they got into the bubble as he was able to witness the playoff-LeBron that he usually goes against. He shared that he is just on another level in this phase of the season as he is more mentally ready, more vocal, and secures that everyone else ifs locked in. Vogel anticipates that in playoff time, we will witness the results of the enhanced level of preparation.

By any measure, it is definitely a good year for James on the court, and only time will tell if it will be a great one.

According to NBC Sports, when asked about the MVP race, James shared that he was able to show what he capable of doing, not only as an individual but coming from a team's perspective, being the top-seeded team in the West.

He also recalled that in the past years he was questioned about what he was doing in the East, if the time will come that he will be playing the West what can he do, now The King has the answer as they are on top of the Western Conference ranking and James definitely feels good about it.

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