A Michigan woman attempted to have her former husband killed for $5,000 via a fake hitman website, according to Michigan State PoliceIt pays to remember that not everything virtually is as it seems. Such as the case with this Michigan woman.

Wendy Wein, from South Rockwood, was taken into custody on Friday following her visit to a fake website named www.rentahitman.com. She filled up a "service request form" and requested a consultation to help her with an "issue," according to state police on Tuesday.

The 51-year-old is facing charges following her solicitation of a murder-for-hire against her former husband by hiring a hitman via the phony website. The mock website's owner notified police officials as he was alarmed that the South Rockwood woman was plotting a murder.

Other than for illegal use of a computer to initiate a crime, Wein has been indicted for solicitation to commit murder, reported Fox 2Wein's former husband does not live in the same state.

A covert officer met up with Wein in a parking lot in South Rockwood on the 17th of July wherein Wein offered a $5,000 bounty on her former husband. She also provided the private agent with an advanced payment for travel costs, indicated Fox News.

"An undercover state trooper posing as a hitman met with Wein in a parking lot in South Rockwood," the state police said in a statement.

According to the state police in a news release, "Wein specified her ex-husband as the target of her problems. The owner of the website contacted the Michigan State Police because he was concerned that Wein may be attempting to kill her husband," reported Report Door.

The faux website's owner is named Bob Innes. Wein is being held on a bond worth $500,000. She was prosecuted after providing the payment on Friday.

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According to Innes, since the website was first launched in 2005, he has been contacted many times by people requesting school shootings, murders, and surprisingly, a baby abduction.

Crazy America noted that the Michigan woman may have plenty of time to ruminate on her lesson after appearing to take the world online at face value. The former husband has not been named.

On the other hand, Wein was ordered to be detained at a Monroe County prison.

State police stated regarding the mock website's owner that he claims the website has prevented over 130 murders because he transfers all requests for hitmen over to police officials.

There is still an ongoing investigation regarding the actual intentions behind Wein opting to hire a hitman to kill her former husband. Due credit was given to Innes for informing the police at the right timing.

The website involves faux testimonials featuring vague depictions of problems and positive reviews that connote that the supposed hitmen killed their targets.

A review lauded the website, "Caught my husband cheating with the babysitter and resolved after a free public relations consultation. I'm single again and looking to mingle. Thanks Guido!"

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