A Tennessee mother who narrated numerous conflicting stories about the September murder of her 5-year-old daughter has been arraigned for multiple charges. One particular charge is felony murder.

Thirty-seven-year-old Robin Howington is prosecuted for a 6-count presentment returned on the 1st of July 1 on the indictment that includes severe child neglect, tampering with evidence, attempted tampering with evidence, and filing a false report.

Destiny Oliver, her daughter, was gunned to death in their Fountain City house.

For tampering with evidence, she was indicted following investigators' claim that she altered her narrative many times as to what transpired, reported Khou.

The crime was first alleged to an unidentified man who broke into their house, next the daughter's father, and eventually her toddler son.

Police officials responded to the shooting incident in north Knoxville before 9 PM on the 14th of September, according to Crime Online.

Oliver was discovered with a gunshot wound by Knoxville police.

Howington was dubbed as the "world's worst mom" by Knewz.

Upon renouncing her right to a preliminary hearing, Howington was last present in court in December.

Arrest warrants displayed that she wiped and hid the gun and repositioned other items at the scene of the crime the night her daughter was gunned.

She declined to give her phone for investigators' inspection. According to investigators, Howington placed her phone underwater in hopes of demolishing it. Documents indicate that she was concerned her phone would have the backing of drug sales.

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Her daughter was transferred to the University of Tennessee Medical Center where she was declared dead.

Howington was prosecuted Wednesday on a $500,000 bond.

Knoxville police officials responded on Sept. 14, 2019 to their Balsam Drive home.

When police officials discovered a handgun concealed in a bush near the house, she said that her boyfriend named Daniel Hensley, not Destiny's father, stowed the gun in the said place. However, a neighbor's surveillance video displayed Howington concealing the gun, which altered her narrative.

She then went far as to accuse her daughter's killing on her two-year-old toddler son.

The mother the detectives that she concealed the gun in the bushes following her son shooting the girl in the chest.

According to a witness, Howington attempted to give her phone to her and offered her money to take the phone due to its documented drug sales.

Overall, Howington allegedly told police officials at least 3 varying versions of events that resulted in her daughter's death.

According to Hensley, he saw the mother pull the gun on Destiny's father in the shooting incident.

The girl's father, per the boyfriend, grabbed the gun away from her.

Knoxville police took Howington into custody a week after the crime and arraigned her with tampering with evidence, but she was released on bond that very day.

The indictment indicated that the grand jury found that Howington "did unlawfully kill (Destiny Oliver) during the perpetration of aggravated child neglect."

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