Amid the quarantine period, creating TikTok videos is a convenient and popular approach to pass time and alleviate boredom. But these teenagers could not have predicted what a casual shoot resulted to.

At a beach in Seattle on Friday, the US teens discovered an abandoned suitcase filled with human remains.

The viral video displays 2 teenage girls climbing down a rocky shore and reached the edge of the water to find a black suitcase, reported The Nations.

Upon making a morbid discovery while exploring the remote beach, one of them remarked in the Tiktok video, "Guys, we found a suitcase at the beach."

They initially had no idea what the contents of the suitcase were, which is why they were joking around before opening it. One said it smelled foul. "Wait, open it. It stinks y'all!" according to Inside Edition.

The text read that they were joking that the said suitcase could contain money.

Law enforcement following the Friday incident has launched an investigation.

According to the Seattle Police Department, detectives asserted that they had located "several bags containing human remains" near Alki Beach in West Seattle, including the teenagers' gruesome discovery, indicated in a press release.

The user who posted the footage on Saturday, UghHenry, wrote that the traumatic incident altered his outlook in life.

The boy said, as one of the girls opened the suitcase with a stick and found a black plastic bag, "Okay so she's calling the police so we can see if it's actually a dead body or it's just food."

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The suitcase contained a dubious-looking object in a bin liner.

The teenagers called police officials who then revealed the contents of the suitcase and more luggage consisting of body parts. lying at the location in Duwamish Head, Seattle.

According to the footage, the foul odor made them quite fearful and nervous. A caption indicated in the next shot that they called authorities as a young girl appeared to be talking on the phone. Police arrived at the scene of discovery at 1100 Alki Avenue.

The Tiktok user used the hashtags "crime" and "murder" upon posting.

According to the group of teenagers, they were directed to the area by an app that indicates random coordinates when they made the discovery. The young team anticipated that the luggage contained money.

The team later raised alarm over the speed of the police officers' response, claiming it took them hours to arrive. Seattle Police affirmed that it took them an hour and a half to arrive at the scene.

"Police responded after receiving a call of a suspicious bag on the beach. Another bag was located in the water," stated a news release.

"Once the contents were determined to be remains, detectives responded to begin their investigation."

The app that directed them to the location is named "Randonautica" which sends people to geographic coordinates that were randomly selected. The app rose in popularity among young people amid the lockdown as a fun way to explore places.

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