The $600 unemployment benefits according to the Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia, should be stopped with no extension since people are not working because of this.

He said on Tuesday that if there are plans to extend the enhanced unemployment benefit, it should just expire on July 31 with no extensions. One of the reasons is that the federal aid only encourages jobless Americans earning more than working, reported News Week.

According to Scalia, benefits per week for unemployment was not devised correctly, but for the right reasons when it got passed by Congress last March. Adding the extra pay given to American's is needed because it is a component of the CARES Act. As the economy jumpstarts bit by bit, this becomes part of the DEMS blueprint to hike the median income for all workers. The labor secretary noted that about 70% of those getting the unemployment benefit were getting more than the salaries they receive from their current jobs. It encouraged them to stay at home and collect money, rather than work.

However, losing the money from the benefit will not be seen as favorable to most Americans.

He said on the program Fox Business that he doubted if the $600 will still be part of the next coronavirus stimulus package.

Based on data that the Labor Department has collected through June 27, it indicated 32 million were getting the unemployment benefits. Most states would have paid each beneficiary as much as $383 a week, cited Brookings.

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Scalia explained the $600 given a week was necessary during the pandemic. With the lockdowns that slowed the economy, it affected many workers. However, things has changed now. The different circumstance and with the economy waking a bit, it sparks a go signal that it is time to work.  

One point raised is that the weekly $600 benefit was far larger than what most businesses would give its workers. So, not working and collecting $15 per hour at home is better.

This is what the DEMS ($15) are setting as their goal as the minimum wage paid. They cited more examples like getting only $10 if there was no pandemic. Overall, there was a total of $25 pay per hour when sitting at home and getting these checks. Scalia made it very clear that the $600 must stop, and discuss further if it should go on which would be favorable for many.

Reality sets in and for many getting this unemployment aid, some have gotten it either on the 25th or 26th of July for the last time. Receiving it on either date depends on what state they live in.

When the Trump administration was asked by Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo if there is a middle point in this circumstance, especially with the looming August recess that will be time off for the House.

Scalia reiterated that getting people working is the president's goal. The extra $600 is paying everyone not to work but to stay home. Getting everyone to start working and not merely depend on federal aid is preferable.

There has been growth in new jobs over a period of time, and keeping the tempo is needed. That's is why the $600 unemployment benefits end on July 31.

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