A meeting in the White House with Democrats will be held to cover discussions about the coronavirus aid bill. It will provide much-needed funds for states that are struggling in a renewed outbreak of the virus.

According to sources, the topic to be covered by President Donald Trump and congressional Democrats is how to deal with coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday. Part of the agenda is the proposed $1 Trillion relief bill need by many Americans, reported Reuters.

Last Monday, an earlier meeting with both GOP lawmakers and administration officials made remarks that new developments are coming soon. One of them is a bill that is directed at relief for those in need of federal assistance. It should be noted that the economic toll is not cheap with the country still not getting up after lockdowns, cited The Strait Times.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that Republicans in the Senate will push the bill. The Democrats working to get it passed too, so it can benefit everyone. He added the proposal gets to take off this week, to get the ball rolling.

The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will convene a meeting next Tuesday about the coronavirus aid with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Others scheduled to go is Mark Meadows chief of staff with Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer in the meeting.

Another meeting about the same White House agenda was with Republican senators in the nation's capital last Monday. 

Not much was mentioned to the press, but Mnuchin sharee that a reporter who said more than $70 bn is almost close.

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Only two weeks are left for the Republicans, who dominate the Senate with the Dems to churn out a new aid package. On July 31, there will be no more enhanced unemployment where many people depends on during the pandemic. The jobless runs in the millions of Americans who got wiped out by COVID-19, financially and figuratively, mentioned CNBC.

Kevin McCarthy of the GOP says the Republican proposal will feature less tax on a worker's gross earnings. The national retirement programs will lose money, except it was not received nicely by some lawmakers. Most want the social security payments to stay intact not reduced, confirmed New York Times.

President Trump stressed that they are trying to cut a deal with the democrats. The plan is to help the smaller business to help people, and the US as well.

When asked about the details of the bill, Mnuchin only said it has the payroll tax cut when reporters asked about it.

Schumer remarked that the Dems are ready to block a Republican to pass a one-sided bill in legislation. He said that a bipartisan, bicameral process will be much better for America.

Still not in the clear

There is still a commitment of the $3 trillion as a pandemic aid to people. Since Trump ratified the last bill, cases of the coronavirus have increased to 3.7 million. With 140,000 killed by the contagion, the US is ranked high in that.

McConnell said that everything is not in the clearing yet.

Democrats want to extend benefits but the Republicans have something else in mind. As the pandemic rages hard in the US, every American is counting on the coronavirus aid, which is expected to come.

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