According to prosecutors in North Korea, there will be an investigation concerning the order of Kim Yo Jong over the destruction of the liaison office.

Further information revealed Seoul Central District prosecutors have gotten a case that names Kim Yo Jong as the defendant. The complainant is a Seoul based lawyer who is intent on a probe for her culpability in the destruction of the structure from a spokeswoman.

Sources say that the case will make Pyongyang mad at the case against Kim Jong Un's who has been forceful of late. In the past months, she has been vocal about South Korea, which includes personal attacks directed to President Moon Jae-in, reported New York Post.

The Terminator sister orders demolition of the office and cessation of talks

Before the destruction of the office, Kim Jong Un's sister told the South to stop sending leaflets to the north side. There were no concrete actions taken by the South Koreans who let the protestor do their thing.

The border office was destroyed after the warning of the sister was not heeded. It was televised and the whole world saw the determination of the North Korean leader's sister who was extremely decisive too. The decision took everyone by surprise as well. 

She called the office useless and with her brother's blessing, it was destroyed and demolished. It is a sign to Seoul on what to expect from the Terminator Princess. 

After the demolition order was carried out, there was another fiasco with the South Koreans.

Propagandists resorted to low blows and attack the wife of the North Korean leader. It was in ill-taste which drove him livid with anger over the leaflets scattered by North Korean defectors in the south, noted Girl Sun.

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 His sister called these defectors mongrel dogs who were worthy of utmost derision.

 Details about the case

 According to the South Korean lawyer Lee Kyung-Jae, it was South Korean property not North Korea's.All the money used to renovate came from the South.

He added that explosives were used to destroy the quasi-diplomatic mission building that was a conduit between the two Koreas. Its loss meant problems for talks between the two, which made the building very vital to both.

Included in the complaint is against Pak Jong Chon, chief of the general staff of the North Korean military who was part of the destruction of the office, confirmed the Korea Herald.

Lee mentioned that charges of damaging property or using explosives can land someone at least a prison term of seven years, or death based on the criminal code of South Korea.

The Emergence of Kim Yo Jong on the scene

 Before she came into the picture, Kim Jong Un was the most visible and she was kept to the background. She was emerging slowly on the scene after the rumored death of her brothera. She was asp there in events that mattered most to North Korean politics.

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