For Americans, the Presidential election is a crucial event for everyone. This is when all voters get to pick Democrat or Republican party candidates to vote for. But every election is different from the prevoius ones. In fact, there are weird US presidential elections that will leave a mark in the minds of the Americans.

Here are examples of elections in the US which is part of history and another chapter, just like the Trump-Biden electoral coming up. All the events leading up to election day will be one to remember. As for Trump getting a second term, will he make it the second time?

 As for Biden whose thrust for a president adds some color to the mix, will the colored folks secure him an eccentric win?

1800: Vice President Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton in a duel in 1804.

The story of Burr and Hamilton began in 1880 or earlier, with electoral concern that later on rubbed raw on Burr. Problems in the election system were getting a tweak, but Hamilton never got on with Burr. In 1801, both men had a standing rivalry that ended in a duel that Burr shooting Hamilton.

1824: Andrew Jackson and the corrupt bargain

When John Quincy Adams placed Henry Clay as secretary of state, he was doubtful and called it a corrupt bargain. The reason was Clay did not get any ballots at all, left his senate slot. Vowing to win the 1828 election, which he did as a Democrat from Republican. He defeated Adams in that year's election.

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1860: North and South

This was the year that the Northern and Southern states became the confederacy and the Union. Also, year, the Democratic party got cut into the north and south as well.

 1872: Death of a candidate

Horace Greeley ran against President Ulysses S. Grant who was a war hero. But oddly enough many voted for him as a democrat. He was supposed to win via the Electoral College but he passed away on November 29, 1872.

1876: Republican Rutherford Hayes

The Democrats made a deal that allows Republican Rutherford Hayes to sit as the president. A back deal was if they allowed Hayes to sit, federal troops will leave the South. He agreed and pulled out all Northern troops when he was the incumbent on March 5, 1877.

1920: Eugene Debs the inmate presidentiable

He served time for crimes under the espionage law and got ten years. He conducts a presidential campaign behind bars but he got more than 900,000 votes. One of his campaign venues was the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary.

1948: Dewey defeats Truman, but Truman won

President Truman conceded the elections as a lost cause. But at 4 am that day, he was informed of his presidential win. All through the elections, it indicated a not so favorable result. However, he won over Dewey despite the now-famous headlines.

These are the wildest, weirdest, and unthinkable election ever imagined in American history.

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