In Florida, an 11-year-old daughter and her dad were gunned down by a demonic neighbor, after the young girl made a terrifying 911 call. The cause of the neighbor's murderous carnage was over a dispute about his pet dog, reported Oxygen.

Police in Port St. Lucie alleged that the 82-year-old Ronald Delserro went inside the house of his neighbors last Monday. He shot his neighbor, Guy Alexander Hansman, 55, and his 11-year-old daughter, Harper Hansman the firearm he had, a police statement said.

 An urgent 911 call

The police responded to a 911 call from Harper Hansman at 12:30 pm that was dreadfully urgent. During the call, the crazed neighbor was inside their house and shooting a two handguns.

According to the County Sheriff Ken Mascera who reported to local station KMOV where he related the details of the shuddering plea for help. He said that the girl's alarming call related that someone has shot her parents dead. The girl was shot to death as well by the deranged old man.

The police officers and a St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office School Resource Deputy encountered the shooter when entering. Later the police positively identified Delserro who was carrying two handguns.

Unfortunately, two of the Hansman were shot dead but four other family members were able to escape from getting murdered.

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He was able to shoot one cop in the arm and the chest, but a chest armor saved the policeman. Later, a SWAT Team was called to subdue the elderly gunman. When the SWAT team enters the second-floor bedroom of the Hansman home, they found him dead. No one knows how he died.

 After the deadly shootout that took Hansman's life, no more information was released.

The dispute was caused by a dog

The root cause of the problem was the dog of Delserro, who bit Mrs. Hansman when fending off attacks on her dog,Rucca. Records state that Delserro's dog that is a Mastiff, Roxy, was deemed a menace by the city's animal control office.

When this happened, it began a dispute between the neighbors that drew bad blood especially after his dog's overly ferocious nature that caused it to bite Mrs. Hansman.

It is said that the gunman's dog Roxy was not leashed and lunged at the smaller poodle, Rucca of the Hansmans. She sat on Roxy, who bit her instead.

Mrs. Hansman and Rucca were given medical aid due to Roxy's attack. Later, the dog was supposed to be quarantined, but it was taken when she reported the dog unleashed.

The hearing was done, and Roxy was deemed a dangerous animal on July 1. Delserro's dog was put to sleep on Wednesday just two days before he killed the dad and daughter.

Assistant Police Chief Richard Del Toro said Monday that the violence was intentional against the Hansmans. When he was interviewed by local station WPTV.  He added that all this violence was not fathomable.

One neighbor, Charles Dagata called the girl's death senseless over a dog, cited WPEC.

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