Actress Jada Pinkett Smith has brought herself to the Red Table to finally talk about her relationship with R&B artist August Alsina.

The "Red Table Talk" was released on July 10 and Will Smith, Jada's husband, joined her at the table where her mother Adrienne Banfield Norris, and daughter Willow Smith sit for the Facebook Watch series.

Jada's affair

The actor finally asked Jada what happened between her and the R&B artist. Jada then revealed that her relationship with Alsina started off as friendship four years ago. She said that they were trying to help the singer because he was sick.

Jada said on "Red Table Talk" that their connection started with Alsina needing help and her wanting to help his mental state and overall health.The singer has been diagnosed with auto-immune disease.

Both Jada and Will revealed that they were friends with Alsina for years and that Jada and Alsina began getting closer when Will and Jada were having problems with their marriage. The Smiths separated without the public knowing.

The separation was decided by both, as they wanted to find themselves and they wanted to find happiness outside of their marriage.

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Jada also said that after their split, she got into an entanglement with August and confirmed she was in a relationship with the singer while she was separated from Will.

The actress said that she was in a lot of pain and was broken when she split up with Will. She also said that they both tried to get away from each other but they realized that it was not possible.

Jada talked about her relationship with the R&B singer and she said that the relationship allowed her to heal and grow, as she was able to learn things about herself. She also said that she learned that she is the type to be drawn to those who need help.

The "Girl's Trip" actress said that through her time with Alsina, she was able to confront the dark side of herself including emotional insecurity and emotional immaturity. She was also able to focus on deep healing.

Jada added that it made her think about her marriage with Will and their connection, Alsina then broke up with Jada and broke their communication, in which Jada understands.

Jada said that she has not talked to the singer in years, so she felt that it was weird that Alsina brought up their relationship now. USA TODAY tried to reach out to Alsina's representatives but they haven't received any reply.

Alsina's revelation

Alsina addressed his relationship rumors with Jada Pinkett Smith during an interview with Complex. He said that he is not okay that the public is questioning his character. He also said that he sat down with Will and had a conversation because of their transformation from their marriage to life partnership that they have talked about numerous times.

Alsina also said Will gave him his blessing and that he gave himself to his relationship with Jada for years and that he truly, deeply loved her. He said he devoted himself to their relationship and he gave his full self to it. In 2019, Alsina released the song "Nunya" and people thought it was about his relationship with Jada.

At the time, Alsina denied the song was about Jada and said that they were only good friends. The famous celebrity couple agreed that even though they have had issues in their marriage, there are no secrets between them.

Will and Jada joked that they ride together, die together, bad marriage for life, which alludes to the classic "Bad Boys" movie line.

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