Loading more firepower to their line up, on Thursday afternoon the Brooklyn Nets signed Michael Beasley who made his way straight to the bubble in Orlando where he started the league's mandated quarantine.

Nets general manager Sean Marks shared during a conference call with reporters that after Beasley arrived at the team's hotel he passed right away a physical examination but before he can be cleared and join the team in its practice he must first test negative for COVID-19 for six consecutive days.

After the results of DeAndre Jordan, Taurean Prince, and Spencer Dinwiddie in their respective COVID-19 tests came out as positive, the Nets checked all the possibilities for them to play however the said players chose not to force the organization to look for substitutes.

Marks also mentioned that Tyler Johnson will be joining the group in Orlando but he chose not to travel with the team due to personal reasons.

The completion of signing Jamal Crawford happened later Thursday and according to the source of ESPN, other Nets substitute Donta Hall has agreed to a deal with the team but his physical examination result is still pending.

Marks shared there is a need to get these guys in front of the team's coaching staff and in front of each other as someone in the group joked today that there is a need of wearing name tags for it is a new roster.

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The Nets GM stated that while evaluating the list as to whom they are going yo sign for the squad in Orlando, he considered the flexibility of the players not only inside of the court but including outside as well. Marks also considered the holes in the teams line up that he needs to fill in and their availability and the duration of their possible quarantine.

The Nets will take advantage of the availability of the veterans in the team as they will balance it on the development of their young players like Jarrett Allen.

Marks stated that it is really a good debate if we are talking about the young players and the veterans as the young guns continue their development curve, but he emphasized that they are there to compete and it is their only objective while they are down there in Orlando, NBA reported.

Despite having a clearance in the future Nets games, 2008 no. 2 overall draft pick would still have to serve a five-game suspension for his violation of the anti-drug policy of the league last April and he will be eligible to play on the sixth seeding game of the Nets.

According to the interim coach of the Brooklyn Nets, Jacque Vaughn, Beasley will be bringing a huge impact to the team in the bubble because of his ability to score to the basket.

Beasley has played for seven other franchises in the league which includes Miami Heat, he also played overseas where he played for two teams China.

Lastly, the Nets GM reminded that the substitute players that Brooklyn brought to bubble will have a shot at earning a roster spot in the upcoming NBA season.

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