After receiving their respective results of a recent round of COVID-19 tests, the Milwaukee Bucks and Sacramento Kings shut down their practice facilities on Sunday.

With no indication of any information about the teat results, one thing is certain according to the source, the Milwaukee will be closing its practice facility until the traveling party of the team will depart on Thursday for the resumption of the league in Orlando.

A source also shared information to ESPN that a member of Sacramento's delegation going to the NBA restart in Orlando tested positive with coronavirus.

But despite the unwanted result, the Kings kept their practice facility closed until their departure on Wednesday for the Orlando games.

The Milwaukee Bucks and the Sacramento Kings are only two among numerous teams such as Miami Heat, LA Clippers, Brooklyn Nets, and Denver Nuggets who decided to shut down their training facilities for workouts in the past week.

Based on the league's protocol regarding health and safety guidelines, if a player contracts the coronavirus, he must immediately quarantine and needs to test negative twice before having a medical clearance for the Orlando trip.

Currently holding the best record in the NBA this season with 53-12 record, the Milwaukee bucks have a secured spot even the July 30 season restart will take place while the Sacramento Kings are still chasing the playoff tail which is last experienced by the franchise way back in 2006.

The Athletic initially reported the closure of the Kings practice facility.

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Options for players traveling to Florida separately from their teams

While the 22 teams of the NBA still preparing to leave for the restart of the season in Orlando, each franchise organization have received directives on the process of the player's transportation in case he will not be able to travel together on the team charters, based on a league memo acquired by ESPN.

According to the memo, if a player misses a coronavirus scheduled test, two days prior to the departure date of the team, or has extenuating circumstances that have been opened up to the NBA organization, the player must arrange travel of his own to join his team in the season restart, Sports Illustrated reported.

But since there are other options aside from going to a charter flight together with the rest of the team, there are additional requirements that you need to fulfill before the bubble in Orlando. First if a player drives or flies privately then he will be having two negative test results before any basketball action while traveling commercially requires the player to have at least three consecutive negative COVID-19 results.

On Tuesday, Orlando will have its first teams scheduled to arrive, and players who tested positive in the recent week cannot join the arrival as the league's health and safety guidelines require a player who contracted COVID-19 to quarantine and has negative results twice before having a medical clearance for the trip going to Orlando. If a player also misses a test in the two-day prior period of the team's flight, the player needs to have three consecutive negative tests before being cleared to travel.

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