NEW YORK - The three-time Sixth Man of the Year awardee Jamal Crawford will be part of the hood after he agreed to signing a contract with the Brooklyn Nets for the league's return this July.

Despite scoring 51 points in his final game last season, the most decorated free agent in the market has not played this season in the NBA until the offer to join the Bed-Stuy for the games in Orlando.

As this season marks the end of the career of Vinsanity, Vince Carter whose team fell short into the bubble, now at the age of 40, Crawford is also known as 'J-crossover' is the oldest remaining player in the NBA, surpassing Miami Heat's Udonis Haslem by three months, CBS Sports reported.

Last season with the Suns, Crawford averaged 7.9 points per game despite playing with limited minutes and roles.

Since he entered the league he is a natural scorer but as he aged, his scoring ability declined as well.

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After a series of COVID-19 positive tests and the pre-existing injuries, the Nets definitely lacks ammunition in their artillery in entering the resumption of the season at Disney World. Ruled out due to their existing injuries, Nets' stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will definitely absent on the season restart, and aside from them starting guard Spencer Dinwiddie and center DeAndre Jordan alongside Taurean Prince will also sit out after testing positive with coronavirus recently, according to the NBA.

Despite the addition of Justin Anderson and Tyler Johnson during the transaction window, it still insufficient as three roster spots remain to be filled due to the injury of Nicolas Claxton and opting out willingly of veteran Wilson Chandler. So with its current line up, LeVert will be the initial source of their offense and with the addition of Crawford, the Nets are hoping him a good NBA comeback.

Currently, at the no. 8 spots in the East, the Brooklyn Nets were ahead of six games with the trailing Washington Wizards, but with the new NBA play-in format, if the Wizards gets within four games, they will be playing against the Nets who will be at the twice-to-beat advantage.

But the Nets are not the only team who do not shine while entering the bubble as the Wizards also do not have their three best players which include John Wall, Bradley Beal, and Davis Bertans. The absence of their best offensive players gives the Nets a higher chance to proceed to the playoffs.

On the other hand, if the Nets will fall short to the postseason, their consolation prize is their own first-round pick as they owe it to Minnesota but it is a top-14 protected pick. But it will have a lesser impact because of the return of the two Nets stars Durant and Irving.

Despite being hot in the market, Crawford has not been on a roster this season making him not eligible to play but since the rules been loosened, it is perfectly fine for the Nets as they are desperate to have Crawford to patch the scoring hole problem.

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