There are doubts about the Communists saying they will join trilateral nuclear talks, as they are currently building up their nuclear arsenal.

For the US to get the Communists to participate in the discussions with Russian, the communists are paying special attention to the US nuclear capability. Communists want the US to be at the same level as them which was stated by a senior-level diplomat, reported CNN.

By current estimations, the PLA has the least number of warheads when compared to Russia or the US. Compared to the two superpowers with at least 5000 each in their arsenal.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) stated that China has about 320 of its warheads. They further added the demand to lessen warheads will require about 4500 from the US arsenal that needs to be eliminated. The Communist are keen on the US reducing their vaster resources, mentioned SIPRI.

US President Trump has punctuated China is obligated to join arms control negotiations with the US and Russia. The Communists always say their small arsenal forgoes joining talks, giving the impression that they want to increase warheads, joining is out of the question.

Fu Cong, head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry's arms control department, said at a press brief on Wednesday in Beijing that China is willing to join if the US reduces its arsenal of nukes. If this was to happen then joining is a possibility. But the spokesman implied that the US will not do so at China's request. The PLAN is building arms and missile technology to match the US.

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With the START nuclear treaty about to rundown in 2021 between the US and Russia, Trump wants a new treaty that included China as well to replace the START before his term ends. The importance of establishing a treaty cannot be underestimated.

As new discussions on new talks are ongoing with Russia and the US which the communists as out of the picture. The Chinese communists are keen on refusing any arms control agreement with the US, cited ABC 17.

Fu stressed that China does want nuclear disarmament to happen, but not joining trilateral talks has been evident despite statements of support.

He added that there is no point in participating in the trilateral negotiations with a large difference in the number of warheads owned by the US and Russia, reasoning that China's own is not much compared to theirs.

Fu trolled Trump's favorite word hoax to describe the trilateral negotiation and dismissed the nuclear talks as unessential.

According to Marshall Billingslea, the top US envoy for nuclear negotiations, Beijing cannot shirk off its duty to join talks. He added that China is bent on increasing their arsenals to US and Russian levels at all costs, confirmed KITV 4.

Fu denied any increase of nuclear missile capacity and reverse the situation. He stated that the US is using China as a pretext to avoid treaty conditions.

Billingslea stressed that Beijing does not want any restrictions on becoming the superior force over the US and Russia.

The US need not accede to the demands of the Communists because they have broke promises on many occasions.

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