Amid the controversies involving the name of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's associate, who was arrested for her alleged involvement in the sexual exploits of Epstein involving minors, it is unavoidable that her name be dragged in some hoax news.

One of those hoaxes is the report that claims Maxwell contracted the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and tested positive while she was detained in a New Hampshire according to a report by the Brown Valley Observer on July 3.

According to the hoax news site, the report stating Maxwell tested positive for the disease came from the United States Department of Justice. It also stated that the test was done and the results were released while she was in a New Hampshire jail waiting to be transferred to New York.

Moreover, the report claimed that the release from the DOJ state stated that while in custody, officials noticed that Maxwell was exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. It also stated that the officials stated that Maxwell was coughing, had watery eyes and expelled mucus.

In addition, the report also purported that Maxwell got tested and officials decided to speed up the testing process for her as she was exhibiting severe symptoms.

In light of the said reports, checked the validity of the report and concluded that there is no truth to the said claims. The fact-checking site also stated that similar claims which were disguised as a screenshot from BBC claiming that Maxwell had the deadly disease. However, it was then verified that the BBC never published the story.

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Maxwell called to appear in court

Meanwhile, in a development in the case of Maxwell, prosecutors have requested a judge to ask Maxwell to appear in court on Friday after charges of sexual exploitation involving minors were filed against her.

Last week, Maxwell was arrested in what was considered as another twist in the events concerning the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. The 58-year-old has been laying low in Bradford, New Hampshire since December of last year before last week's arrest.

According to India Express, Judge Alison Nathan received a letter of request to set the bail hearing for the case of Maxwell for July 10. Maxwell is currently facing four counts of transporting and procuring minors for illegal sexual acts. In addition, she is also facing charges of perjury based on the indictment by New York's federal prosecutors.

It can be recalled that before his apparent suicide, Epstein was 66 years old and was awaiting the trial for federal charges that were filed against him for trafficking minors back in 2002 until 2005.

Maxwell is a British socialite who is the daughter of then media mogul Robert Maxwell. However, ever since Epstein's death she has kept a low profile. Based on several reports, Maxwell was one of Epstein's ex-girlfriends who later one became part of his inner circle. A magazine article that was published back in 2003 even quoted Epstein saying Maxwell was his best friend.

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