In a July 4 speech, United States President Donald Trump emphasized that his vision for America consists of unity and would disregard characteristics such as race, color, religion, or creed as every citizen belongs to one country and said he places that at a higher priority.

According to The Epoch Times, Trump spoke from the White House's south lawn after a military band performed which consisted of B-52 bombers flying with F-53 fighter jets and people jumping from aircraft and parachuting down.

President Trump began his speech by expressing his gratitude to scientists and researchers across the world for their courage and efforts in fighting against the coronavirus and welcomed the attendees of the event.

A united America

As America continued to celebrate its 244th birthday, Trump once again announced his idea of unity, citing a similar plan to his previous speech conducted at Mount Rushmore where he talked to the Declaration of Independence's great spirit.

Trump also noted that his administration was working towards uniting the whole of the United States that he said was currently facing off against a "left-wing cultural revolution" that was created to oppose the American revolution.

The United States president also spoke with similar agendas on July 4 in his "Salute to America" speech. Trump said their movement was founded on the aim of supporting all American citizens to reach the potential that God gave to them.

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Trump also stated that the American people were one family belonging to one nation and the rich heritage the country has belonged to every single individual in America, from the youngest to the eldest. He added it did not matter what race they were or background.

The president also cited several American historical figures which included a few of the Founding Fathers and several others which Trump said would be included in the "National Garden of American Heroes," while adding his administration would take public suggestions for new historical figures, as reported by CBS News.

A country in turmoil

While Trump emphasized unity as part of his vision for the future of America, his calls to fight what he considered a "radical left" were aiming to protect and defend the American people. He stated they would not allow any ill-mannered individual to threaten the statues and history of America or trample on the citizens' freedoms.

A day after giving his controversial speech, Trump was met by criticism for his apparent divisive perspective who responded by blaming the media who he said were attempting to sabotage him and the people of America by falsely branding them as racists and condemning patriotic citizens.

Trump said that more attempts his oppositions take at lying and conspiring against him, the more they lose their credibility. He added that his administration's effort to unite the country is being challenged and hampered by the open media.

During his speech, Trump also took the time to blame China for the continuous rise of the coronavirus cases in the country by not properly controlling the virus in its early stages from its reported origin in Wuhan.

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