Millions of Americans are waiting for news on the second stimulus check, and United States President Donald Trump has announced his support for the second set of payments.

A larger second stimulus check

On Wednesday, Trump said on Fox Business that he actively supports a second stimulus check to be distributed to citizens of the United States. The US president also supports a larger amount to be given out.

According to Forbes, Trump noted, however, that they have to do it properly despite his open support. The president also said he supported a larger number than the Democrats suggested. The statement is by far the clearest indication of Trump's position on the second stimulus check.

Last month, Trump said there would be another stimulus package that would be released shortly. However, there have been multiple stimulus package proposals being thrown into the discussion, ranging from one-time $1,200 checks to monthly $2,000 payments.

Trump, however, did not further detail which plan or package he was referring to when he expressed his support of a second stimulus check, but some claim it was most likely the $1,200 single payment check that Democrats proposed.

If the US president gets his way in Congress, his plans for a second stimulus check will entail a much larger payout than the previous $1,200 payments given to individuals. The second stimulus would then come from the HEROES Act, which is given a total of $3 trillion in funds to be distributed as stimulus payments.

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The new act, if passed, would give each individual $1,200 along with another $1,200 for each dependent to a maximum of three, which, unlike the CARES Act, would include high school and college students.

Trump's statements suggest he would be supporting a stimulus check that would distribute more than just the $1,200 the HEROES Act would give, as reported by English AS. Despite his support of the payments, however, Trump would still have to hope that Congress passes the proposal for it to actually be given a chance of supporting the millions of Americans affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Opposing the payments

Republicans, on the other hand, oppose the potential of a second stimulus check including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who previously stated that the HEROES Act would be "dead on arrival" when it gets to the senate.

Democrats have given the act its approval and are only waiting for the Republicans to make their final decision.

Although Trump showed his support for the second set of direct payments, he also favored a return-to-work bonus that would encourage citizens to get back to their jobs to start the revival of the economy.

It is unclear, however, if a return-to-work bonus would go along with a second stimulus check. Still, Senator Rob Portman proposed the benefit which would result in an individual getting money if they go back to work or a worker going back to their job if they were furloughed.

The proposal is meant to be an alternative to officials extending unemployment benefits past July 31. With that, however, the unemployment benefits that gave $600 per week and was set to end by the end of July, will be expiring one week early, enabling states to stop giving payments to unemployed individuals as early as July 25 or July 26.

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