The British royal family was once again dragged onto the Jeffrey Epstein scandal when an image manifesting the late financier's alleged confederate posing on the Buckingham Palace throne came out.

According to the the New York Post, on Saturday, UK-based Daily Telegraph newspaper issued an image revealing Ghislaine Maxwell, British socialite, seated beside Kevin Spacey, House of Cards actor who has been alleged for sexual misconduct and apparently in the Queen's London residence in 2002.

It was unconfirmed why Spacey and Maxwell were seen together at the palace. It was reported on the paper that Prince Andrew, who has undergone public pressure to give an explanation about his relationship with Epstein and claims by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, one of his accusers. It has been claimed by Giuffre that she has been forced into sexual encounters when she was underage with the prince and other men. All allegations have been denied by the accused party.

Buckingham Palace refused to give a comment about the published photograph. Even Prince Andrew's spokesperson refused to provide a comment.

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Prince Andrew was Epstein's friend and in the past has been taken a photograph together with Giuffre and Maxwell. In an interview in November, Prince Andrew uttered that he had never seen Giuffre, suggesting that his photo with Giuffre may have been manipulated, CNN reported.

In 2017, Spacey's career fell down, which was followed by several claims of harassment and sexual assault. Last July, he was freed from the charges against him in the US, denying most of the allegations.

According to Max Foster, a royal correspondent of a news provider said the throne is a representation of a monarch's authority, stating that no one else is entitled to sit on it and it would be a sign of disdain towards the country and the Queen.

Foster noted being seated on the Buckingham Palace's throne is viewed as less of an insult than being seated on the St. Jame's Palace's senior throne. In modern times, aside from the monarch, no one else has ever been seated on the Coronation Chair at Westminster Abbey as far as anyone is aware of.

On Thursday morning, Maxwell, who is known as the onetime girlfriend and claimed confederate of Jeffrey Epstein, an accused sex-trafficker, was taken into prison and charged by the New York federal prosecutor for her rumored role in grooming, recruiting, and sexually abusing girls as young as 14 years old as part of a criminal enterprise that is years long.

Maxwell, 58 years old, and Epstein, who died in August by presumed suicide while waiting for the trial, are indicted for luring the girls to an array of residences, which included his Palm Beach estate, Upper East Side mansion, Santa Fe ranch, as well as, London, England, where she owned a house.

Prince Andrew has been urged by a US attorney to layout information for the investigation. In a press conference, Audrey Strauss, acting US attorney for the Southern District of New York, articulated that authorities would appreciate receiving a statement coming from the Duke, who is the second son of Queen Elizabeth.

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