Weapons forward is a system that any F-22s or F-35s has eyes that are attack drones. The system will be called the loyal wingman when an advanced US fighter can control from the cockpit.

This system offers many advantages as it will be an advanced scout into a danger zone where no fighters dare tread. All the attack drones will be controlled by the fighter pilot inside the cockpit, reported Fox News. It gives these planes extra range for their pilots, giving many ways to attack all adversaries in the air.

Most drones are used to carry weapons that are deployed to work in longer distances, but not in the short range. Typically, they will be commanded by ground control, maybe be controlled by high command centers manned by high ranking officer on site. There's a combination of manned and unmanned systems to get the best results like improved tactics and proficiency at its ultimate limits. This what happens with these kind of hi-tech systems, according to Military official connected with the project, and General Dave Deptula (retired), Dean of the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace studies in a recent interview.

While drones have carried weapons for many years, they are operated often at great distances from ground control centers and have their mission specifics determined from through a high-echelon command network. Drawing upon airborne manned-unmanned teaming, however, changes this equation by enabling vastly enhanced tactical proficiency out at the edge of warfare, Air Force General James Holmes, Commander, Air Combat Command, told Lieutenant General Dave Deptula (retired), Dean of the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace studies in a recent interview.

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According to Holmes having a system to attack in a F-35 or F/A-18 Super Hornet will be more efficient with airborne manned-unmanned teaming. Forward drones will accomplish ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) missions for transporting supplies, or for refuelling and be used as weapons platform that is under human control.

Russia and China

One of the problems with these two is when they get intel where to strike US assets, it will take out the ability to fight back. Another thing is dependence on staging bases is deadly if these are overrun or destroyed. Or the best thing to do is not be tied to these staging areas, which can be the Achilles heel of modern combat. Whether be it a port or airfield that are tantalizing targets too, noted in Yahoo.

One plane acting as the mother brain that will deploy all attack drones that can attack at multiple dimensions. It will confound all enemies that will be confused on how to react, ensuring a kill. These drones will do the attacking at standoff distances. This keep planes out of harm's way, until an enemy engages them. Multiple types of drones will give the Chinese and Russians a defensive mouthful.

Another idea to consider is have more bases to give the enemy logistical and targeting problem, added Holmes.

He added the lynchpin of the whole system is enhanced networking with all systems to combine in a dynamic and efficient combat system. This combat system can give timely input at the right time and moment to make the correct decision, Sixteeth Air Force.

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