Prosecutors believe the mother of two missing children whose dead bodies were found in Idaho after months from their disappearance in a mysterious case that shook the world had worked with her new husband to conceal the children's bodies.

Dubious mother

According to AP News, officials charged Lori Daybell the additional felony crimes on Monday, signaling the latest update in the mysterious case of the couple's former partners and their strange beliefs.

The judge who preceded the case put Daybell's bail at one million dollars in her first appearance in court over the new charges against her on Tuesday. The judge also asked the suspect if she understood the accusations and that she could be sentenced to jail for up to ten years if convicted.

The suspect, Daybell, while wiping tears away from her face occasionally with a tissue, answered with a "yes."

Daybell had previously been charged with abandoning or deserting Joshua "JJ" Vallow, seven years old, and Tylee Ryan, 17 years old. The allegations, however, are in question as police officers found the bodies of the children buried under her husband's yard.

She was also charged with obstruction of a police investigation when she had a friend lie to police officers for her and when she failed to produce the kids when asked by officials.

The suspect's attorney claimed that Daybell intends to defend herself against the charges but had not had an opportunity to enter a plea.

Chad Daybell, Lori's husband, was previously charged with covering evidence by destroying or stashing away the children's bodies and has pleaded not guilty to the allegations.

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One of the victims, JJ, who would have been eight years old in May, and Tylee, were last seen by witnesses in September of last year.

Police officers first informed the people of the kids' disappearance in December after JJ' grandmother reported she had not seen or heard from her grandchild for several months.

Lost of two beautiful children

In a statement that was attributed to Larry and Kay Woodcock, JJ's biological grandparents, they wrote they were filled with indescribable grief that the two young kids have lost their lives at such young ages, as reported by USA Today.

The puzzling case spanned across several states across the United States with its focus on the mysterious couple and the deaths of their previous spouses along with their outrageous belief system.

The Woodcocks considered JJ as a precious and beautiful child. Kay Woodcock was Charles Vallow's sister, who was Daybell's ex-husband before his mysterious death in 2019.

Woodcock added JJ had a massive heart and the most dazzling smile which she wrote in a post on Facebook in December.

Tylee was described by her aunt, Anne Cushing, as a girl with a strong sense of justice to differentiate right from wrong. Cushing added that Tylee never held herself back with what she did.

When JJ was adopted in 2014, Tylee happily took up her role as a big sister to her new little brother.

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