Authorities from Kansas City, Missouri, are now asking for tips in the murder of a 4-year-old boy. The murder happened on June 29 at around 2:30 am and according to the police, the child was sleeping in his bed when an unknown assailant shot him in the face.

Murdered while sleeping

The police are now reminding everyone that a reward of $25,000 will be given to anyone who will provide a helpful tip that will lead to the arrest of the suspect. As of today, the police had not received a single tip in the murder case yet, according to Crime Online.

The 4-year-old child has been identified as Legend Taliferro. The child was asleep in his bed when gunfire erupted outside of his apartment. When the police arrived at the Citadel Apartments, they found out that a family member rushed the child to the hospital where he was declared dead.

Rick Smith, the Kansas City Police Chief, said that the murder of Legend was not because of a stray bullet nor was it because of a drive-by shooting. The authorities are still trying to figure out what the motive of the suspect could be to kill a child, but they are certain that the apartment of the Taliferro's was targeted.

The mayor of Kansas and the police chief are urging the community to speak up if they know something. Mayor Quinton Lucas said that it is the resident's duty to share information because there is a family grieving right now over the incident.

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The murder of the 4-year-old boy is the 92nd homicide case in Kansas City this year. The city labeled 2020 as the deadliest year in the history of Kansas. The all-time record was back in 1993 and the second deadliest year was in 2017, according to the Kansas City Police Department. 

Seeking justice

KCTV5 News interviewed Pat Clarke, the community activist, and he said that this incident is something that happens too often in the black communities of the city. Clarke added that most neighborhoods know who is committing violent crimes but they do not say anything.

Clark also said that staying silent leads to heartbreaking tragedies like Legend's death. He also stated that he is angry and passionate and that everyone should be. He also believes that the black community has a lot of misplaced anger and stated that they won't prosper until the black people come together first.

Mayor Lucas and Clarke both agreed that the solution to violent crime in Kansas City has to come from the community. The city's activist said that he knows the family of the child and described them as good and hardworking people.

Mayor Lucas also said that he was impressed after talking to the family as the child's mother wanted to make sure that the incident won't happen to anyone else. The mayor and Clarke agree that long term change should start with the community but in the short term, the suspect should be identified and arrested immediately.

Clarke also said that people should not march for peace but they should march against those who commit crimes and that justice should be served fairly.

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