On Monday, under the US Legislation, US has begun the cancellation of Hong Kong's special status and other vital defense products. This transpired due to the new security law made by Beijing to keep tabs on the former colony.

According to the Commerce Department, the suspension of Hong Kong's special status over China includes the exemptions in key export will be withdrawn. This recent development is just one of the many fall outs as Hong Kong loses it autonomy from China, and further evaluation may make it worse, according to Reuters.

A statement was made to remind the Communist party to cancel the imposition of the security law. A reminder was aired, discussing the pledge to keep Hong Kong to stay intact. And the world will see a revamp of China's intentions.

China is intent in keeping its course to create a security law for Hong Kong. One fear is that it will systematically quell democracy in Hong Kong, and just like in China, it will soon succumb to the communist system. Plus, many pro-democracy activists will be bereft of human rights, which China does not care for.

On Tuesday, the Chinese parliament standing committee will see the bill approved. Soon after, it will be ratified into a law when the caucus ends on Tuesday.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stressed the intent of the Chinese Communist Party's oblivious desire to halt the freedom of Hong Kong, by any means. Needless to say, the Trump Administration will look over the policiesand do wh at is needed according to Japan Times.

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Pompeo added that the exports of defensive hardware to Hong Kong will be stopped. Changes will be made to end the exports of dual use tech to the ex-colony. Beijing knows the tech as military applications too. Halting this will serve as a reminder to Beijing to look at other sources to purloin US technology.

He defended his action on the export withdrawal to protect national security. Saying all items are considered vital and cannot land into Hong Kong, especially the communist party of China which may use it against US.

According to Kurt Tong, former U.S. consul general to Hong Kong, it will be a big part of US-Hong Kong trade. Hong Kong is mostly for services and not a manufacturing hub, he reminded. Adding to his statement, the suspension is not similar to termination, and it depends on the condition implied.

A month ago, US President Trump gave his answer to China forcing a security law on Hong Kong. Trump told China that Hong Kong's special status will be curtailed and the status as a global financial center since 1997 will be halted, as reported in CNBC.

The Trump administration is vilifying China in his re-election campaign, and American voters are furious at the virus from Wuhan, calling it 'Kung Flu'.

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