When President Donald Trump retweets a video of a supporter shouting "white power," and deletes it, the Democrats and his allies use this excuse to further the BLM leftist agenda.

President Trump has been under siege from many sectors that questioned his policies, including resistance to defund the police. Since day one of the George Floyd protests and the subsequent Black Lives Matter which has destroyed monuments, and personal property as well, reported in Reuters.

Moves from the democrats and other suspects of the far-left connected movements have gotten new fuel over his retweeting and erasing a video of rabid supporter.

The video was captured in Florida as a rebuke to protesters who were either BLM activists or Democrat loyalists. But he was later chastised for his action over the retweet and erasure of the video. Many of these were fallout by black George Floyd protesters and white supporters who are suspected of having their agenda.

A video on Twitter, described in full detail contained images of people for and against President Trump in Florida state who were in a heated row. It erupted in expressing vile words between the two opposing groups. One of those anti-Trump protesters shouted "racist" to a Trump loyalist. The man raised his fist and cried out "white power." Many associates it with white supremacists,

One black Republican, Senator Tim Scott said on CNN's State of the Nation program that it should not have been retweeted, and just erased it. Tim Scott is the only black senator in the Republican party. His role on the GOP police reform bill has been met with derision, mentioned New York Post.

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Later, Trump was greeted with affirmation and more positive reactions from a retirement village in Florida last year. He tweeted his thanks to the Villages for their warm reception. He also commented that he did heat anything negative on the video. There was only a positive and welcome atmosphere that was a contrast to the conduct of his haters, cited The Wire.

Judd Deere, the White House spokesperson, said the President is a fan of the villages. He repeated that such a statement did not come in the video.

The tweet follows after the perceived hostile response of Trump as protesters against social injustice have been destroying monuments, and vandalizing them. After George Floyd was killed by a singular white police officer in Minneapolis.

According to Tim Scott, the episode in the protest shouting slurs was offensive as the comment of white power. He added the exchange was terrible and must be taken down.

The Florida Democrats were quick to capitalize and gain more sycophants by accusing President Trump, thanking white supremacists, reports The Hindu.

One of the criticisms against Trump is his racist remarks on telling Black lawmakers with four colored female congress members to fix the crime-ridden communities first where they came from.

Still, some take offense at Vice President Mike Pence's refusal to even mention the BLM movement, per word. This was the scenario in CBS Face the Nation where he omitted the phrase intentionally.

Pence made it clear the BLM movement are leftists. They want to destroy law and order. Worst of all, it seems to rewrite American History by destroying monuments.

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