Kate Middleton shares parallelism with Prince Philip in how she abides by Prince William, much like her great grandfather-in-law abided by the Queen throughout her reign as Britain's monarch.

The Duchess of Cambridge is an active working member of the British royal family who regularly partakes in royal engagements.

According to royal author Penny Junor, "She's never trying to outshine him in any way. I think that Kate is a bit like Prince Philip supporting the Queen. She doesn't outshine William but still has a lot to say herself."

Other royal experts have remarked the parallelism between Middleton and her grandfather-in-law. She mirrors Prince Philip in her relationship with the future King, Prince William, reported Promipool.

Middleton is supposed to mirror Prince Philip by how she supports her royal partner.

Sarah Gristwood, author of "Elizabeth: The Queen and the Crown" stated that Middleton, 38, is a supportive figure to her husband, 38 who is second in line to be King.

Prince William and Middleton's marriage was a modern royal marriage in one sense; a love match. It is still old-fashioned in another sense, according to Geo News.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip's marriage have spanned for over 70 years.

In 2017, Prince Philip retired from royal duties following decades of being a staunch supporter of the Queen consort, reported Express.

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The duchess has been in the limelight nowadays due to her royal engagements supporting frontliners against COVID-19, along with celebrating several family birthdays.

"Catherine is the sort of woman who will take on whatever she needs to. If she needs to step up to the plate, she does it-and she always has. She and William are a formidable team," a close source indicated.

On the surface, the 99-year-old and his granddaughter-in-law may seem rather unalike.

A number of apparent similarities between the pair were pointed out in the Duchess of Cambridge's cover story in "People" magazine for June 6.

In May this year, the Cambridges commemorated their 9th wedding anniversary.

Prince William disclosed how he and Middleton stand by each other in a BBC documentary chronicling from mental health to football early this year.

He and Catherine support each other, go through moments as a duo, evolve, and learn together, he said in "Football, Prince William and our Mental Health."

According to the prince, the remarkable experience of having kids stimulated familiar emotions he felt after the car accident of Princess Diana.

With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's renouncement of senior membership in the royal family, Prince William and Kate Middleton carried the strain of taking on more royal engagements.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were married in 2011. They have 3 children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Middleton's "5 Big Questions" childhood survey had her tackling numerous solo stops throughout Britain in early 2020. She has also been lauded for her "Hold Still" photography project during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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