According to the records, a club called the "7 Deadly Sins" was responsible for the deaths of 7 people.

Morgan County Investigators said that two suspects charged 'capital murder', weren't happy about the actions of other club members. The others they said went to a Valhermoso residence and executed seven individuals for yet to be known reasons, reported AL.

Two of the club members in custody, John Michael Legg, aged-19, of Danville, and Frederic "Rick" Allen Rogers, aged-22, of Hartselle got mad at the others for not following them. One of the witnesses told that firearms owned by Legg and Rogers were stolen. This was in the affidavit submitted by Jordan Byrd of the sheriff's criminal investigative division.

Both Rogers and Leg were in an Oregon jail for capital murder charges in Morgan County, related to the 4-gun related deaths at 522 Talucah road. According to the authorities, they are members of a local club called "Seven Deadly Sins," confirmed in Mercury News.

Another affidavit was presented to the Morgan County Circuit Judge Charles Elliott, a female witness testified that more cases happened before the murders. It was mentioned that the female is a case witness, not to any crime committed by the suspects.

An SMS allegedly sent by Rogers mentioned the problem was solved and suggested that if there were any inquiries, he can say that he is on vacation. It was sent two hours later, when the shooting was reported, based on what the witness said.

Perpetrators Legg and Rogers were subject to a 14-day manhunt all over the US with 25 law enforcement agencies involved. The pair got nabbed on Sunday afternoon in Oregon, Marion County, apparently there because of Roger's relatives.

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The seven people they murdered were James Wayne Benford, 22, William Zane Hodgin, 18, Roger Lee Jones Jr., 20, Tammy England Muzzey, 45, Emily Brooke Payne, 21; Jeramy Wade Roberts, 31, and a female, 17, all identified by Morgan County Coroner Jeff Chunn. Since the 17-year old female is a minor, her name is kept private.

The witness's affidavit

According to reports, the FBI violent crimes task force was reached on Thursday for more information related to the case.

During the investigation, the female witness revealed that she stayed at the Seven Deadly Sins clubhouse. Members were Rogers, Legg, and the victims Jones, Roberts and Benford. A sixth male is also part of the group based on the records, cited Crimeonline.

Both Legg and Rogers were not happy with some of the members. It was Legg whose guns were stolen by some members. It was decided by the two+ to correct the behavior of erring members. This is what happened on the evening of June 4. The reference to wiping the slate clean and going by force foretold the murders. Also, the suspects said that the club will be dismantled at night's end.

The witness got an SMS at 1:35 am on June 5th, asking her to take care of "Ducky', owned by Rogers.

A 911 call at 11:32 sent the authorities to a house at Valhermoso Springs when shots were heard on June 4. What was found were seven victims shot several times, with a dead dog and a small fire, noted on USA Today.

Deputies saw smoke from the house and the dead bodies. Investigators did not find any smartphones on the victims. It seems they two went in without any problem and started killing everyone.

The affidavit noted that Legg's mobile was shut at 10 pm on June 4, but was active on June 5 shortly in Kansas.

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