RUSSIA - Designed to lift his unusual rating drop, President Vladimir Putin assessed an astonishing Red Square military parade on Wednesday and according to critics, it is the patriotic display that will extend his reign until 2036 on the eve of a nationwide vote.

The Russian President observed as the intercontinental ballistic missile launchers rolled while nuclear-capable bombers patrolling the skies, and tanks plus 14,000 troops aligned wherein some of them are from allied China who also marched past under the heat of the sun.

Marking the 75th anniversary of the World War Two victory by the Soviet Union over Nazis, the parade was postponed from May 9 due to the COVID-19 outbreak wherein Russia currently ranked 2nd in terms of the highest number of infections worldwide prompting critics to question the event as they claim that it is irresponsible to still continue it, the Moscow Times reported.

Dismissing the assertion, the Kremlin stated that the current daily infections, though still in the thousands, based on them the country is on the wane, as they cited the Russian capital, the original epicenter of the nation's outbreak but they emphasized that all safety precautions were taken.

Volunteers dispersed in the Red Square gave masks and gloves to the people watching the event and encouraged them to sit two seats apart.

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Flanked by veterans in the event, Putin did not wear a mask, as he secured beforehand that people around him had been tested for the COVID-19, which also includes veterans who are quarantined in an outside Moscow resort.

Thousands of people packed the streets of Moscow as they watch tanks and soldiers line up in the middle of the city on the public holiday.

Despite his previous complaints about the alleged attempts by some European countries in rewriting the history, now Putin spoke with a conciliatory tone towards the West.

According to France 24, Putin emphasized that Moscow would never forget the contribution made by the wartime allies of the Soviet Union especially their opening of a second front in the year 1944.

The Russian leader also added an indirect reference to his desire that includes the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council to hold a summit as an initial step in tackling the current problems of the world.

Putin shared that they are (leaders) open to dialogue and cooperation regarding the most current questions that the international scene needs.

He also added that among them is the creation of a reliable and general system of security, which the fast-changing modern world needs.

Putin also pointed out that together we can defend the world from the rise of new dangerous threats.

Before the rise of the global health crisis, The Russian president hoped to host the leaders of China and France at the parade.

During the event, around 10 world leaders are present and the majority of them are from former Soviet countries. The Kyrgyzstan president back out at the last minute from the event after two people from his delegation tested positive for coronavirus upon their arrival in Moscow.

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