During his Tuesday visit to the southwestern border, United States President Donald Trump tried to recover his re-election campaign using a new appeal focused on being anti-immigrant.

He boasted his continuous attacks on migrants and admiring his administration's work on building the "big, beautiful wall" standing along Mexico's border.

Visiting the wall

According to The New York Times, Trump picked a handful of officials and allied Republicans to escort him to Yuma, Arizona, where the wall is located. The president seeks to resurface his reason for victory in the 2016 elections: depicting immigrants as threats to America's economic and social security.

Trump had expressed the pride of his administration for allegedly achieving much more than any administration in history in maintaining the security of the United States' southern border.

The claim comes after workers finished completing approximately 220 miles of the massive wall that Trump said was the "most powerful and comprehensive border wall structure anywhere in the world."

The president's visit to the wall along with his previous decision to suspect most worker visas for the remainder of the year suggests that America is effectively shutting its doors to immigrants, with the visa halt to affect more than 500,000 foreigners which include those who possess green cards in the hopes of joining their families.

Trump's visit to the wall also included him signing a section of the completed section. He considered the construction as "foolproof." The president had also visited the wall last year where he also signed a section near San Diego, as reported by The Hill.

Critics, however, have noted that the majority of the built section of the wall was either rebuilt or have existed beforehand, but the enhanced construction helps in deterring immigrants.

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Trump discussed the importance of the wall in assisting his campaign in the November elections during a roundtable meeting with federal and state officials. The event was initially held to talk about border security.

The United States president depicted his political rival, Joe Biden, as being under the control of someone else and not the other way around. Trump also noted his opponents wanted to open America's borders and welcome in criminals.

A winning move

Trump also claimed that Democrats stopped talking against the border wall because they knew it was a massive success for his administration. The American leader said that the wall is never included in conversations anymore because it had shown how much success it was.

The president used the recent coronavirus pandemic to accelerate the construction of the wall by stating they should turn away immigrants that could pose a risk to American citizens.

In the last five months, the wall's construction accelerated as Trump's administration waived federal contracting laws, continuing with the development of 100 miles of the wall's section.

Trump's initial plan of building a wall along the entire border and getting Mexico to fund it would most likely not continue as the president acquired the $15 billion budget from other governments and military funds.

The completion of the 450 miles of the planned border, however, would challenge Trump who plans on finishing it by the end of the year.

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