Rumours have been spreading around the United States President Donald Trump confirmed there would be a second stimulus check that will be distributed to American citizens. The fact is, however, that Trump confirmed not a stimulus check but rather a stimulus package.

The misunderstanding stems from an interview of the US president by Joe St. George, where Trump was asked about the possibility of a second stimulus check.

Confirmation of a second stimulus check?

According to Forbes, George said that many of his viewers in Florida have been struggling financially after having spent all the money from their first stimulus check. He then asked Trump if a second stimulus check was coming to them.

The US president answered the government was planning on sending out a second stimulus check. The interview, however, did not end there and continued off to where Trump explains that rather than a stimulus check, they would be making a stimulus package.

Trump noted that the next stimulus package would be beneficial to the citizens and give generous benefits. While George's questions centred around a second stimulus check, Trump did not confirm or commit to a second stimulus check. The president added that the next stimulus package would be coming soon and would be bi-partisan.

Previously, Trump had expressed his support of a second stimulus check to be distributed to Americans to help them after the devastation the coronavirus pandemic created on the economy, as reported by CNET.

Last week, the US president announced they were working on something in the lines of assisting the United States citizens amid the declining economy. He said that they are currently looking at Phase 4 of the plans and noted that Phases 1, 2, and 3 have looked well and would generously help citizens.

The Phases Trump mentioned, refers to the economic stimulus package that the federal government had produced, but only one contained stimulus checks that were distributed to individuals and families.

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If and when the next stimulus comes

While rumours spread about when the next stimulus package could be delivered, Congress had not made a decision yet on when the official release date would be. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, however, remains firm on his expected July release.

On Friday, McConnell said he expects the next stimulus package, if it passes, to come sometime in July. He noted they would have to monitor the economic situation and make their decision based on if the economy is reviving.

The senator also expressed his expectations that a second relief package would be the last that Americans receive amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Senate, however, is looking to take its annual two-week break starting from July 3 and will return on July 17, reports CBS News. This timeline adds to the delay of the bill being decided on by officials.

Officials inside the White House also expect that the executive branch will work through its proposal in July as previously stated.

White House officials and Republicans would need to assert how much money allocated into the first stimulus check, and other financial aids focused on businesses was spent before they decide on whether or not to discuss the potential of a second stimulus proposal.

When the government officials do begin discussions, however, they would be pressured into accelerating talks as the $600 per month enhanced unemployment allowances are set to expire on July 31.

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