Three children lost their mother when her boyfriend in New Jersey allegedly stabs her and kills her. Soon after the murder, he took two of the kids but left the third lost in the streets, reported Oxygen.

A concerned citizen dialed 911 to report the child who was roaming around after midnight last Tuesday. According to a statement from the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office, the 5-year old child was walking alone in the Dumont home's courtyard without a guardian, mentioned ABC 7.

The young girl's mother was Michelle Burns, 36 years old, who was slain by her boyfriend

Another development was a 911 caller, who was trying to reach the victim on her mobile but got no answer. The unidentified woman said that she heard a loud argument that came from Burns unit that she cohabited with Jeffrey Daniels, 36.

Later, the woman who heard the domestic trouble said that Daniels asked if she can drive them somewhere.

According to, the couple has two kids from 6 months to 18 months old, with a 5-year old girl from an earlier relationship. Apparently, Daniel left the eldest because she was not his.

When the police were sent to check on the 911 call, they arrived to see the child all alone in the grounds. Upon checking, the child was not harmed. Next, they went to the apartment unit and found out the fatal injury that killed Michelle Burns.

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Before entering, they asked permission but there was no answer, so they entered. Once in the apartment, they found Michelle Burns dead with a stab to her neck. This was part of the press release about a fatal stabbing with a kitchen knife to her neck.

The kidnapper and murderer is caught

Once Jeffrey Daniels was confirmed as Miss Burns's killer, he was tracked to apprehend him for the killing.

He got captured by the police in Closter which is little more than 5 miles or less from the apartment shared by him and Burns.

Trying to find shelter, he was found at the door of a residence and seeking entry for his two children. Throughout the running, he did not hurt the young children which was confirmed by the prosecutor's office.

With everything in order, Daniels got charged with murder, use of a weapon for an illegal purpose, and also causing undue danger to children.

Burn's sister, identified as Nicole Boccellari, revealed to about the kind of relationship that Daniels and Burns had.

Nicole revealed that her sister and Daniels were constantly combative and were at each other's throats.

It reached a point that the violence was getting worse, especially Daniels whom she nearly got a restraining for.

On that Tuesday night, what they fear finally happened and Daniel's snapped, then killed her. Boccellari said that her sister's relationship was not safe.

She added that her sister made it a point for her to be unharmed. She also said her sister had watched over her.

After her death, the young children were in the care of their family, and the 5-year old is with her ex, she confirmed, according to New York Post.

Boccellari remarked that her dead sister was selfless and was concerned about helping, and caring for her family.

Jeffrey Daniels cannot say anything for now.

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