The biggest deployment of the US Navy's three aircraft carriers in the Indo-Pacific has been touted as all for show, but in reality, China got spooked.

This is the assumption based on the reaction of the Peoples Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), as the US unleashed three carriers that are prowling the pacific, Reported by Global Times.

According to Zhang Junshe, an expert at the PLA Naval Military Studies Research Institute, the appearance of the carrier strike group will cause trouble in the South China Sea, said theChina Mil.

He also cited that it was the same action in 2017 when the US went on high alert during the North Korean threat.

The Chinese just dismisses the act of the three-carrier strike group as a repeat of 2017.

Adding that the US Navy does that for all parts of the world, it is not usual for US carrier deployments to get into the news unless it is informed in a big way!

 Zhang said that the US wants the world to see its firepower as compared to the PLAN. BY sending the three carrier strike groups into the area of the West Pacific, to make up for the lost time which was key to the Chinese narrative that the US was hobbled by the virus. Now the US is back, causing all these insecure pronouncements from Beijing, as mentioned in San Francisco Chronicles.

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The mentality of American sailors has been affected by the pandemic. It might be the US Navy protocols that have not fully eradicated the virus, and not all are fit enough.

Chinese sources are alleging the US Navy does not want the scope of the pandemic to get public.

More harping about the effects of the virus on the US Navy is prattled about. More is alleged by Zhang, who now attacks the US over the transparency of military affairs, as a double standard.

It may be that the US has the most lethal aircraft carriers that can deal with the Shandong and Liaoning, which is called insecurities by Zhang.

With Wei Dongxu said that the US Navy has three carrier strike groups in the Indo-Pacific, but not all can be seen near China as it might start hostilities in the surrounding seas.

The US Navy can poke China by sending one on rotation force the issue which will send two more to support the engaged carrier. These two other carriers will be ready to strike because they are close by, and one carrier might be sent close to China.

Carrier air wings of the US are potent defenders, but these aircraft are also suited for long-range or short-range airstrikes. As the most potent weapons to attack all enemies.

We added that the US carrier planes need to be detected and intercepted, especially the F-35 that is stealth capable or the defense of China will fall.

The common thought of these experts is the US Navy's three aircraft carriers show how deadly America can be, and they are not to be trifled with.

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