During the George Floyd protests, the Democrats have allowed protestors to do anything while venting out the death of blacks and colored at the hands of police, whom they are asking to defund.

Top that off with shops and establishments that have been destroyed or looted, causing extensive damage too. Worse than the COVID-19 lockdowns that shutdown these shops with no chance opening anymore.

Democrats have blasted President Trump for his handling of the protests, calling in the army to take control in the capital. In several instances police officers and civilians were hurt or killed by the rowdy actions of looting and rioting in the demonstrations, confirmed by The New York Times.

But now, a Pandora's box is whether they lose support or gain support with their next move. To defund or not to defund.

It seems the Democrats are not so hasty to lessen police budgets, as they were so eager to listen from protestors from New York to Los Angeles.

By lessening police funding, the proceeds will be channelled to government program dealing with other relevant problems like social ills, instead of equipping police with the latest equipment to deal with law enforcement, according to Reuters.

According to Senator Cory Booker last Sunday on NBC News, he said that he got the gist of defunding the police, remarking not to use the phrase, mentioned Al Jazeera.

He added that all the money spent on the police is not working in solving all the problems experienced now.

In the state of New York, Democrat Caucus Chairman, Hakeem Jeffries on Sunday said that there will be no reduced funding for police or cutting their funds in New York.

When interview by CNN, he said it has to on a case to case basis, not lumped together, comment Hakeem Jeffries.

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Democrats and black lawmakers

On Monday, there will be new legislation on how to prevent violence caused by police, including injustices based on race. Another is ways to sue officers and killing the suspects are on the table.

It is still unclear if a bill would be proposed for fewer expenses for police forces that needs more clarity.

This the grey area that the Democrats are in now, after the George Floyd riots and looting.

Others gave their inputs like Karen Bass, California Representative, who is also part of the Black Cause and one of its proponents.

On Sunday, a statement indicated opposition to dissolving police departments. Instead, the funds should go to where it is best used.

On CNN, she said that it does not need to cede to the George Floyd protestors, keeping the police departments is the better option. Smart use of the resources is needed as well as for expenses for communities.

Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota expressed his approval for to disband the Minneapolis police department, tweeting that it is "beyond reform."

Even President Trump commented about the funding in attacking the presidentiable, former Vice President Joe Biden.

On Saturday, the mayor of Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey was mocked, when was against the defunding of the police.

One a Sunday tweet, President Trump said Sleepy Joe Biden with the leftist Dems wants to "defund the police." He stressed that well-paid law enforcement and law & order.

Biden's camp was silent on the issue. A Democrat Pandora's box is open, will the Dems defund the police or not?

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