St. Louis police lost a respected former police captain during the violent protests when George Floyd protestors was looting a pawnshop. He tried to stop them but they shot and killed him in cold blood.

This was the scene when police got footage of the murder, catching seven persons of interest who fatally shot him last Tuesday, as reported by Crime Online.

The respected police captain is retired, but he died in that pawnshop in Northwest St. Louis as a cop who tried to stop unidentified looters who were ransacking the stores.

The respect police officer, David Dorn, aged 77, would not live out his retirement. His dedication to his duty as a policeman led him to attempt stopping the theft of Lee's Pawn & Jewelry, which ended with him getting shot and killed on the spot.

Sources reveal that the owner of the shop was Dorn's friend, and it became a habit to make sure nothing happened to the building. On that Tuesday night, it would be his last round as opportunistic George Floyd looters would shoot him until he dropped dead.

Footage captured his last moments

The video obtained captured the final moment of Capt. Dorn, carrying out his duty one last time. One thing should be stated is that looters were active during the rioting, taking advantage of it to steal from the establishment during the chaos.

The video shows the inside of the pawnshop, where the seven suspects who accessed the pawnshop via going under the security gate, were captured on camera. Further inspection of the shop that was in the shot revealed all items of value were taken, and all the glass cases were destroyed as the looters had destroyed anything not valuable on the entire floor.

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Based on the time, the video was capture at approximately 2:13 a.m. and 2:16 am. Surveillance was able to capture more footage of the looters, running about in the building and going in and out of rooms, looking for something of value to steal.

Two of the looters had firearms, while another one of their companions got an injured hand while crawling in. Investigators speculate that Captain Dorn might have stumbled on the looters on their way out of the pawnshop.

Approximately, the shooting started at 2.32 am, based on a video at Facebook Live. According to most reports, the video was able to catch the shooting.

He served for 38 years as an officer

The captured video showed the last moments asCaptain Dorn dispensed his last act as an ex-police office, as he was brutally murdered by the looters. David Dorn was killed for protecting his friend's shop from George Floyd looters, yet these people claim themselves as victims, like Floyd.

One of the Dorn's family shared his sentiments on social media, saying looters killed him at the pawnshop. He did not hesitate to give his life if needed. Violence is wrong, on both sides whether policeman or civilian.

The heroic ex-captain also received admiration from former St Louis police chief Tim Fitch, calling him a true public servant, on Twitter.

Dorn worked as an officer for 38 years, before becoming police chief at Moline Acres, he was a model officer to the end. St. Louis Police Chief John Hayden, he was a role model for rookie officers too.

The looters killed Captain Dorn, who never flinched from duty and the looters have it coming.

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