Days after George Floyd was laid to rest, another black American succumbed to death on the hands of a police officer. Rayshard Brooks was shot on June 12, after refusing arrest from two police officers who initially approached his car due to possible DUI. The Atlanta Police Department recently released Rayshard Brooks video from the officer bodycam and dashcam.

It showed the events that eventually lead to the fatal shooting of Rayshard on Friday night outside a Wendy's restaurant. In the footage, Officers Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan were seen knocking on a car window where Brooks appeared sleeping, Fox News reports. The police duo wanted to speak to Brooks on suspicion of DUI since he is sleeping behind the wheel of his car in the drive-thru.

Since Brooks was asleep, it took a few minutes before he responded. The officers asked him if he is okay and if he needs medical help. Brooks merely responded that is okay before returning to sleep. The police then woke him up the second time asking him to park his car in another area.

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Brosnan said that there was “a pretty good smell of alcoholic beverage coming out of the car.” He further stated that Brooks had watery eyes, looks confused and couldn't speak properly. When asked, Brooks said that he had a martini that day and some daiquiri.

To check if he is drunk, they administered a breathalyzer test which returned with a .108 result. With that, the officers told Brooks that he was too drunk to drive, Daily Mail reports.

The officer attempted to handcuff Brooks. However, he struggled and managed to get the taser gun of Brosnan. Brooks then run away from them and turned the stun gun toward them. Few minutes later, gun shots were heard which killed Brooks.

Watch the police bodycam footage below:

This shooting incident happened in the midst of protests for the death of George Floyd sparking more violent actions like burning the Wendy's restaurant where Brooks was killed.

Rofle, who fatally shot Brooks was relieved from his job while Bronsan, who was also present during the encounter, is under administrative leave.

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