During a nationwide outcry against brutality, Donald Trump stirred controversy when he downplayed the possible dangers of police chokeholds remarking it so innocent and perfect, and calling himself as black Americans' best president while slightly admitting that Abraham Lincoln may have transcended his governance.

The president also declared the resumption of rallies on June 19, the Juneteenth day tagging the end of slavery as a celebration, regardless of picking a city with the history of the massacre of black Americans by white Americans and applying estrange words over the anti-racism protest stimulated by the death of black American George Floyd.

As the number of American cities and states starting to ban the chokehold-type restraints by police officers increases, Trump said that he will support the movement but urge to understand the use of such tactics in some situations.

On Friday, during an interview, Trump uttered that he does not like chokeholds but explained the need to use such restraining tactics when being alone fighting someone, CNBC reported.

He presented a situation of a really bad person assaulting a person in authority and said that it really did happen during the protests, which began after a white Minneapolis police officer knelt for about nine minutes on George Floyd's neck in May during an arrest attempt.

Floyd's autopsy result concluded homicide and Derek Chauvin, former officer, was prosecuted for murder. A video posted by a witness went viral on different social media sites and prompted protests over wider matters of structural racism and police bias and brutality.

The New York Times also reported that Trump said that during the protests different people are seen, some are good and the others are bad while questioning what will officers likely do when they get somebody in a chokehold, would they let go of them and ask to start all over again.

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Moreover, Trump articulated he believed that chokeholds are theoretically acceptable but he recognized this tactic is often used by police officers in an inappropriate manner.

According to The Guardian, Trump uttered that he thinks chokeholds concept sounds so innocent and perfect and he added that one must be careful in performing the action. He later noted this tactic should be ended.

After Trump's remarks, several American cities and states started to ban police chokeholds. On Friday morning, Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, signed a legislation that bans chokeholds in New York.

In an interview, Trump gave emphasis on the upsurge of rioting and looting witnessed during the early nights of unrest after the killing of George Floyd.

When asked regarding the peaceful demonstrations, Trump stated he believes some are protesting for different reasons and others did not actually know their reason, they only follow the crown.

The statement went against the millions of chantings on the streets saying "I can't breathe", which are the dying words of Floyd and Eric Garner, who died in 2014 during a chokehold arrest attempt by the police in New York, as well as other victims of police killings.

Trump's remarks were also contrary to the Black Lives Matter movement, with the slogan painted on banners, clothing, and entire city streets.

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