The death of George Floyd triggered looting and rioting during peaceful protests, prompting President Donald Trump to deal with police reform, plus bring back law and order but still consider ways to deal with racism.

A black man's death brings about sweeping changes and one of them is Police Reform which the president promises to address and enact, reported CNN.

Events in the last two weeks has faced the president with an option to defund the police or let the status quo stand, but go for reforms in policing that might affect the status of law and order.

Despite the hardline posture taken by Trump which is seen by others as uncertain and not conducive to his presidency, he is weighing aspects of systemic racism and how it affects the conduct of law enforcement, according to New York Times.

When protests began, an emphasis on law and order was an important consideration using police and military forces to keep the damage to property to a minimum as the focus for now.

What is seen as negative actions with regards to dealing with racism is started to solve the problem associated with it.

According to sources, there will be police reforms coming and charges of denying racism has no bearing in police conduct.

Last Tuesday, he criticized an incident with 75-year-old Buffalo protester who he said was part of a setup, and is working with Antifa when he got injured and pushed by officers.

There was widespread criticism when he went to St. John's Church that went sideways unintentionally despite his best intentions to reconcile.

One of his advisers criticized how he worded his statements and concluded that he was not in tune to sentiments which needed more decisive actions

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Keeping law and order

When protests were dying down, the President was focused on law and order to bring normalcy to the streets once again.

President Trump selected a stern and decisive approach to deal with looters and rioters who would benefit from his indecision that drew negative opinions.

He has objections to the death of George Floyd to police brutality and believes a tough against crime is the solution to prevent crime and violence.

There is a move to listen to black leaders and see their side of the issue with VP Mike Pence joining a session.

According to senior advisers Jared Kushner and Ja'Ron Smith, there are consultations to come up with good policies that are needed now like the First Step Act to be passed.

Democrat's taking potshots

The Democrats are proposing legislature ahead of the White House that is taking its time.

Republicans are working on a proposal to reform the police without defunding it, as suggested by the Democrats.

According to Mark Meadows, Kushner and Smith went to discuss police reform at Scott's office, revealed the Daily Mail.

Later, President Trump met with law enforcement officials who said that they prefer reforms in law enforcement.

Keep quiet get criticized by detractors

He said in an interview that there should be a way to enforce the law better, and said that the police were great people, no bias to race.

The president stressed that law enforcement is not racist, as Attorney General William Barr said to CBS News.

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