An elderly man was forcefully shoved to the ground by Buffalo police officers. President Donald Trump claims that this was a set up engineered by other parties.

The gist of the President's charge is that certain elements are setting up police forces, like the incident with elderly who intentionally let himself be injured to cast the officers in a bad light, reported in CBS News.

It must be noted that the police were dispatched to do riot control after looters and rioters have destroyed properties Some have targeted stores for theft amidst the chaos.

Based on the set-up claim, the elder man was an ANTIFA member baiting and setting up law enforcement to be used against the already tarnished image of police in the George Floyd incident that started everything.

The protest was not just attacking property and order. It was an opportunistic attack on the establishment, by looters and rioters with other things in mind.

 According to the President, he cited a part of the conservative One America News Network that alleged the 75-year old man, Martin Gugino was not innocent because he was using his mobile to cancel out police radio, mentioned Todays News-Post.

Kristian Rouz said that the reporting for the network was formerly hired by Sputnik. His claims were not backed by proofs about Guginos motives, just citing a report accomplished by The Conservative Treehouse, which was right-wing group.

The president tweeted that Gugino, a known peace activist in the community, fell harder than he should have. He was pushed while was pointing a scanner on the policemen, hurting himself in the process more than usual. His stunt gained the sympathy of rioters and looters as a result.

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Disputing what the president alleged in his tweet, Kelly Zarcone went on the offensive in a statement where she said that Gugino is a peaceful protestor with his concerns about the society. She further denied anything aspersions to his client's reputation, especially called a provocateur.

Gugino's lawyer adds about the attempt to paint him as subversive.

He added that most law enforcement representatives did not allude any subversive leanings or intent, expressing dismay why the president is stating these alleged claims that are not true. He further added more innuendo on the intent of the President.

Shoving of Gugino was not without fallout on the Buffalo police, who was trying to achieve peace and order, when compared to looters and rioter who are crossing the line.

Mayor Byron Brown expressed his concern for Gugino's recovery while the officers are getting due process for injuring him.

He added in another tweet directed at President Trump, saying the City of Buffalo will heal, including actions against racial injustice with emphasis on a better future.

 After the pushing incident, two of the officers got charged with second-degree assault, Eric County District Attorney John Flynn stated on Saturday. A video of the actual happening went viral online, but the officer pleaded they were not guilty.

The contents of the video shows Gugino wearing a mask while moving to a group of policemen going to the protest. Gugino had a mobile in hand while talking to two officers.

Police officers yelled "move!" and the elderly man got pushed, hitting the ground hard. He acquired a wound and police called for a medic. His lawyer said that he went to the hospital due to the injuries, MSN reports.

According to the administration, the shoving was a set-up, with looting and rioting as sources of violence, directed by the Antifa.

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