While the NBA is currently finalizing the resumption of its regular season, the league is also digging strategies regarding participants' replacement in case players incur serious injuries or tested positive with coronavirus within the Orlando bubble environment. You can check the calendar of the next NBA matches on TVsportguide.com.

According to some sources of ESPN, the NBA and team organizations are currently discussing on how they will be able to manage players to be on two-way contracts, concerning about their safety, practicality, and competition that will certainly be a target of the resumption of the league's regular season in July at Disney World.

Moreover, if coronavirus or a serious injury occurs a team starting training camps or the eight seeding games of the regular season is expected to have unlimited player replacements due to the possible loss but accompanied by restrictions that the replacement should be on the pool of eligible players.

They also mentioned that the league and its Players' Association will discuss and negotiate the long list of items in the next week.

The league can submit their proposal to the Players' union, however, both sides should agree to the changes in order to have a unified agreement that will form the 22 teams of the NBA who will participate in Orlando, Florida.

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In a report by CBS Sports, sources said that the replacement eligibility depends on the NBA or G League, as they should be under training camp contracts this season. They also sighted Jamal Crawford as an example, wherein no team could sign the veteran after being unsigned all-season or an international player.

The office of the NBA is also in talks with its team about the possibility of a non-return for players who were replaced because of COVID-19 or even an injury to keep the balance this season.

Players who will be tested positive with COVID-19 should abide by the quarantine protocol wherein they will be observed and isolated for a minimum of seven days up to a maximum of 14 days depending on several faces involved.

The Brooklyn Nets currently has an option to sign players to replace the spots of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving due to their injuries however teams find it senseless to replace to a key player who tests positive with COVID-19.

TheScore also reported that some sources shared, Organizations are staying optimistic that the league office will reconsider pushing the two-way contract players out of the bubble environment picture.

Each team organization has an allowance of two players on their two-way contracts, wherein players are allowed to stay a maximum of 45 days in the NBA and playing the remaining season in the NBA G League.

Most of the NBA teams are finding ways for their players to join the teams in Orlando, especially for insurance policies regarding potential sickness and injury on their roster.

On the other hand, medical experts advise that number of league personnel should be limited as possible within the premise of Disney World.

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