In 2016, when Donald Trump was still a Republican presidential candidate, there were rumors that circulated online stating he was sued for raping a 13-year-old girl.

Rape allegations

The rape and abuse rumor against Trump and Epstein was published on May 2, 2016, and it was posted on the website Winning Democrats. 

The victim, Katie Johnson, claimed that President Donald Trump and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein forced her to do sexual acts at their organized sex parties. The said sex partied were held at the homes of Epstein and Trump at Manhattan in 1994.

The lawsuit that Johnson filed is worth $100 million and it was one of the first major scandals that hit Trump during his campaign besides his racist remarks. Johnson stated in her lawsuit that Donald Trump took her virginity when she was only 13-years-old, and at that time, she was also held by Epstein as a sex slave.

Johnson said that both Trump and Epstein threatened her and that her family's lives will be at risk if she won't comply with their demands. When the rumor got to the Trump campaign, they called it absolute nonsense.

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 The case was filed on April 26, 2016, and according to, the charges are sexual abuse under threat of harm and conspiracy to deprive civil rights. A copy of the lawsuit was shared through the Scribd web site and it outlines the allegations against Trump and Epstein.

 Some of the allegations include forcing Johnson to stimulate Trump with the use of her hand upon his penis until he reached an orgasm and forcing Johnson to engage in a lesbian sex action with her fellow minor and sex slave, Maria Doe, who was only 12-years-old at that time. The children were lured by Trump and Epstein with the promise of money and modeling career.

According to the initial reported posted on RadarOnline, the lawsuit was dismissed because of technical filing errors, the address that was listed in court documents was a foreclosed home and has been vacant since the owner died. As for Trump's campaign, they called the lawsuit "categorically false" and "disgusting at the highest level" as it was "framed to solicit media attention."

What happened to the lawsuit?

On June 20, 2016, a blog named Gothamist, reported that the victim has filed the same complaint in a New York State federal court. The second filing in the state was allowed to proceed even though it reached the statute of limitations because according to the lawyer of the victim, she did not have the freedom to file the lawsuit earlier because she was being threatened by Trump.

 It is no secret that Donald Trump knew Jeffrey Epstein, as there are videos of them attending a party together in New York and Trump acknowledged Epstein in his 2002 New York magazine interview.

As of now, all of the information about the lawsuit comes only from the complaint filed by Johnson and no one has located, identified, or interviewed the victim.

On November 2, 2016, she was scheduled to appear at a press conference but she did not show up, saying that she was receiving death threats. On November 4, 2016, Johnson dropped the lawsuit entirely.

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