A Colorado man is being threatened by a wedding videography company with a lawsuit after he asked them for a refund after his wedding has been called off due to the untimely death of his fiancé in a car crash earlier this year.

In February, a car crash took the life of Alexis Wyatt who was set to be married this year to Justin Montney. However, due to the incident, the wedding has been canceled. Thus, Montney contacted the photography and videography company which was supposed to document their wedding and asked for a refund of the $1,800 he deposited.

But Copper Stallion Media refused to give him back the refund saying that all contracts made for weddings are non-refundable. However, due to the unusual circumstance, Montney insisted that the company honor his request.

Montney then went to KRDO-TV to narrate his experience. After which, it became viral and people started to leave negative comments and reviews to the wedding company's social media accounts.

Meanwhile, the Copper Stallion Media retaliated to Justin's attempts to bring their failed business transaction by creating a website defaming Montney called JustinMontneyWedding.com. According to the company, the website is their way of defending their business by building their own case against Montney.

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In the website, the company stated that Montney signed a deal with them dated November 29, 2019, which stated that he and his fiancé agreed to pay a non-refundable amount of $1800 as a deposit.

Regarding the circumstances of Wyatt's death, the company said that upon hearing the news, they expressed their sympathy to Montney. However, they stated that they explained to Montney that despite his loss all of their wedding contracts are non-refundable.

In a report by Fox 6 Now, the company also stated that Montney kept on sending them emails forcing them to give him a refund no matter how many times they reiterated that the contract is non-refundable. They also stated that they, later on, stopped responding to his emails thinking the issue will just die down.

According to the company, however, Montney contacted them again by May threatening that he will bring the issue in social media if they do not respond to his requests. That was when Montney went to KRDO to tell his story.

According to New York Post, in order to defend their claims, Copper Stallion said that in the wedding and videography industry it is a standard that when a date is set for a wedding, the date will be blocked off by the company for other clients. This means that on that day, the company will have no other business aside from the booked clients.

Copper Stallion also stated that the deposit will be the security blanket of the company in case the wedding is canceled and also to pay for their damages since they will be losing business for the day.

However, despite their several attempts to salvage their reputation, netizens have already given bad reviews through Yelp and the wedding website The Knot. Many people have sympathized with Montney calling out Copper Stallion and asking them to have compassion.

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