Recently, a police officer has received several complaints after videos surfaced where he knelt on the neck of George Floyd, a black man who was killed during the arrest as he screamed that he could not breathe.


Citizens have called for the arrest of Derek Chauvin, the officer in question, for murder against the victim. The news, however, comes as Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota refuses to indict Chauvin during previous conduct complaints against the officer when Klobuchar was a prosecutor, as reported by the Dailywire.

Four police officers were at the scene in the arrest of Floyd on Monday which led to the victim's death after he was unable to breathe due to Chauvin kneeling on his neck.

According to The Guardian, Klobuchar was the state's top prosecutor between 1999 and 2007, and she declined to press charges against several police officers who were allegedly responsible for the murder of civilians.

Chauvin was one of the officers involved in a man's shooting that led to his death in 2006. The victim allegedly stabbed others before turning his focus onto the police.

Klobuchar was the attorney for the Hennepin county at the time, and she declined to prosecute the officer in the October 2006 shooting. The case instead went to a grand jury which deemed in 2008 that Chauvin was not guilty.

As protests continue to swell amid the death of Floyd, Chauvin's past conducts have begun to surface. They have taken the attention of citizens who are scrutinizing the Minneapolis police department's apparent lack of capability in handling similar situations.

"This is what finally broke the camel, and now it's about to go down," said a protester amid Tuesday night's events. The protested added that it could easily have been him or his son in Floyd's position and stated that the whole ordeal was unjust, which should not be the case.

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Racial discrimination

A social justice organization named "Campaign Zero" has been mapping the events where police violence is seen across the United States.

The organization has seen that data regarding the Minneapolis police officers reveal they kill black civilians at a rate that is 13 times more frequent than against white residents which shows one of the nation's most significant racial differences.

Andrea Jenkins, a councilwoman, said in a statement to Kare that their community had been continuously and repeatedly plagued and terrorized by these sorts of events. "My heart is breaking for the tragic loss of life last night near 38th and Chicago," she added.

The councilwoman also said that the development of a summer strategy for the neighbourhood is currently underway.

Klobuchar has been under fire after information regarding an investigation of an incident where an 11-year-old girl lost her life due to a stray bullet that was shot while she was at home.

According to the New York Times, Klobuchar used the 2002 case as support that she has a tough handle on crime and seeks justice for African-American communities traumatized by gun violence.

Chauvin has retained Tom Kelly to be his lawyer with the case regarding Floyd's death. Kelly, however, refused to answer requests for any comments.

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