Famous for having numerous consequential lawsuits, Apple now might take a prize, as the brother of the infamous and the most ruthless drug lord in human history now alleges that a deficiency on his iPhone X security feature almost ended up killing him.

Based on the legal action, A mysterious man named Diego allegedly was able to crack Robert Escobar's address just by having FaceTime call.

After Diego figured out the address of Escobar's brother, he started sending threatening messages to his house prompting Robert to move in a different location.

The lawsuit was first brought to light by TMZ, and according to it, Robert Escobar claims that the move out wound up him as it costs a lot of money, and aside from the financial aspect it also caused him so much emotional distress.

He also added on the legal action that the threat forced him to hire additional security personnel as part of his safety. But the crux of the lawsuit, Pablo Escobar's brother claims that he was assured by an employee of Apple that the device or the iPhone X he purchased was secure and impenetrable to hackers.

But the question for everyone, how did FaceTime compromise the address of Escobar? Robert Escobar found his own answer, as he runs an investigation all by himself, wherein he reached on a bizarre conclusion.

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However, The Next Web reported that despite the efforts of Escobar, most parts of the lawsuit do not make much sense and some cannot imagine that this case can proceed in a better way for Escobar after suing Apple for $2.6 billion.

Moreover, some might say that seeing Escobar's name tagged alongside Apple seems quite familiar, here is the interesting story behind it.

Just two years ago, Escobar shared that he was planning to sue Apple for cheating people by releasing worthless devices in the market, and it will cost the company $30 billion. While threatening Apple, Escobar is also on the verge of releasing a $350 foldable smartphone manufactured out of gold, and he claims that this device of his was unbreakable.

At the time, Escobar confidently stated that he was prepared to go head-to-head against Giant companies like Google and Apple in the field of smartphones.

Moreover, BGR also reported that he also mentioned that his phones will not be broken as he did not manufacture those with glass screen like Samsung, he pointed out that theirs is made of a special type of plastic and yet it displays the best resolution, better than other cellphone brands.

If you find it crazy, prepare for the worst, as this device of Escobar is actually shipped. But despite the promotion of Escobar about his phone by saying that it is better than other company's devices, the phone was simply a Galaxy Fold that is wrapped around with gold tinfoil.

If you want to take a closer look at the device of Escobar, Escobar Fold 1, check out the review of Marques Brownlee as it such an entertaining review about the flagship device of Robert Escobar.

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