While the United States' death toll closes into the 100,000 mark, currently having 97,000, President Donald Trump spent Memorial Day doing the usual things he does during his normal time off on his presidency, tweeting and golfing.

Memorial Weekend at his Golf Course

For the first time since the pandemic started to alarm the US on March 8, the media captured Trump playing at his golf course in Sterling, Virginia over the weekend.

Unlike Trump and his golf partners, Secret Service members who are guarding the President and his colleagues while they are playing were the ones wearing the masks.

Despite constantly chiding former US President Barack Obama's golf habit, Trump defended his decision to set to the golf course over the weekend, after stating that the presidential campaign of Joe Biden released an ad about it.

According to CNN, aside from golfing over the weekend, Trump also flooded the social media with his tweets wherein he clarified that it is the first he played golf in 3month span and he also sighted that while he is working in the White House in last 3 months Biden was busy in his vacation, making shady deals with other nations and Barack still continues to play golf.

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Earlier this month, the United States' President admitted that he missed playing golf.

On a PGA golf program, Trump confessed that he really miss it as he was not able to play golf because of his very busy schedule, and Trump stated that it was just one of those things that he misses.

An hour nearly upon his arrival in the White House from his golf course in Virginia, Trump issued travel restrictions against Brazil, which was heavily affected by COVID-19 infections.

Trump's tweet barrage

Over the span of two days, his @realDonaldTrump account had a massive online activity, tweeting and retweeting different contents from others nearly 100 times, which appears that Trump spends a chunk of his time online.

The Guardian also reported that Trump had a wide range of comments that did not focus on the pandemic, but more on his political opponents wherein he sighted the appearance of female Democratic politicians.

Other tweets of the President also tackle conspiracy and misinformation, as one of his tweets promote good studies about the usage of hydroxychloroquine, which is an unproven treatment for COVID-19.

According to The Lancet which is the medical journal of large observational studies, patients with COVID-19 who are seriously ill and treated with

hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine has a higher risk of dying or developing an irregularity on their heart's rhythms.

Over the weekend, only one tweet from Trump is directly related to Memorial Day Holiday, wherein he shared a video of a casket draped in an American flag being taken off an airplane and he mentioned that this is Whom people disrespect when they dishonor the flag.

On Monday, Trump spent Memorial Day at Fort Mchenry in Baltimore and in Arlington National Cemetery wherein he observed a moment of silence along with Vice President Mike Pence at the Unknown Soldier's tomb.

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