With the coronavirus pandemic shutting down the sports world, it has been over a month since the closure of the sports scene and replays running on the sports TV stations.

Not only does the avid sports fans miss the live games but even United States President Donald Trump shared on Tuesday's Press Conference at the White House that he is tired of watching baseball games that are 14 years old. He emphasized that he have to get the sports back despite having only a little time due to his workload as the president. Trump revealed that he have not had too much time to watch but from time to time he watched one batter and then get back to work.

Speaking at his daily COVID-19 task force press briefing, Trump shared his insights about resuming the sports leagues as part of his Tuesday's press conference which revolved around the country's reopening and he shared that he is consulting industry leaders, sports figures about the possibilities.

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Operating separately from the White House task force who leads the administration's public health strategy to certain and helping the mitigation of the pandemic, a glimpse of the panel of advisers whom Trump will be consulting via phone calls and teleconferences consists of names such as NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and UFC President Dana White, though overlapping of duties will be a factor, Trump stated that he focuses on what's best for the country.

Can the NBA Season Be Saved Amidst the Continuous Spread of COVID-10?

Despite the uncertainty on the return date of the 2019-2020 season, optimism in the league grows as they are still hoping to salvage the season amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the league sources shared that, "optimism abounds" among players, agents, owners and the NBA league office that this season will be saved even it will be played in a different form.

The source also added that most likely if the league will be resumed it will be played without fans in the arenas and he also revealed an idea of one of the team owners that would give the players enough time to get back in shape starting in June as the team owner suggests that the regular season will be resumed in July and by October NBA Finals will be scheduled.

Willingness to be flexible increases the chance of the league's reopening as Adam Silver Shared on one of his interviews that May 1 would be the earliest date that the league considers to restart the season and he also added that we should accept that at least for the month of April we won't be in any position to make any decisions.

With 15-19 games remaining in the regular season, the NBA shut down their operations after Utah Jazz's Rudy Gobert became the first NBA player to be tested positive with coronavirus and after the first incident, the league took extra precautionary measures to keep the league in good shape.

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